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For $57.5 million, the world's largest blue diamond has been sold at auction

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

By: April Carson

The world's most expensive blue diamond has been sold for 450.925 million Hong Kong dollars, or $57.5 million. The gem, which is an extremely rare deep blue color, is considered to be the largest of its kind ever to appear at auction. In addition to the deep blue hue, the diamond also boasts "excellent transparency" and "exceptional brilliance."

An extremely rare diamond had been expected to sell for about $48 million, but after an eight-minute bidding war among four potential buyers, the gem was purchased by an unknown buyer over the phone.

The 15.10-carat step-cut stone, which was dubbed "The De Beers Cullinan Blue" and sold at Sotheby's in Hong Kong after an eight-minute bidding war among four hopeful purchasers, according to Sotheby's. By phone, the winning bid of $48 million was placed by an unknown buyer.

The stone, which was uncovered in South Africa's Cullinan mine, the same source of the world's largest rough diamond, is believed to be one of only six blue-hued diamonds ever discovered from that region. But it's not just its rarity or striking color that makes this particular stone so valuable: Its provenance adds to its allure.

The magnificent diamond was unearthed in South Africa's Cullinan mine in 2021 and has achieved the highest ratings assigned to colored diamonds.

According to Sotheby's, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) determined the stone to be a "fancy vivid blue," which is considered by the institute to be the top grade for blue diamonds. The diamond's exceptional color is the result of trace amounts of boron atoms within its carbon structure.

The auction house Sotheby's dubbed the diamond "extremely unusual." Only five diamonds over 10 carats have ever been offered at public sale, according to the statement, and none have exceeded 15 carats. It is therefore a landmark occasion in its own right when this perfect gem appears.

This is not the only blue diamond that has been sold at auction recently. In May, another blue diamond known as "The Blue Moon" sold for $48.4 million, setting a new world record price per carat of $2.2 million.

The De Beers Cullinan Blue, with a final price of $57,471,960, just missed setting the record for the most costly blue diamond ever sold at auction. The 14.62-carat "Oppenheimer Blue" holds that distinction today; it was sold in 2016 for $57,541,779, a difference of less than $70k.

While the Cullinan Blue is not the most expensive blue diamond ever sold, it is certainly the largest. At 15.37 carats, it is more than two carats larger than the "Blue Moon" and nearly three carats larger than the "Oppenheimer Blue." This massive size helped the diamond to achieve its record-breaking price per carat.

"It's an incredible stone," says former billionaire and media entrepreneur, Patti Wong. "It is truly a once-in-a-generation gem, and it's the most magnificent blue diamond that I've ever seen in my life."

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