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Ex-cop who was convicted of murdering his former lover must pay $2.2M in damages to her children

By: April Carson

In 2019, a federal judge ordered a Mississippi police officer serving life in prison for murdering his mistress to pay $2.2 million to her four children. According to The Associated Press, Matt Kinne was told on May 26 that he must compensate $1.2 million in compensatory damages and another $1 million in punitive damages.

Kinne had an affair with the victim, Andi Crawford, while she was married to another man. He shot her five times after she threatened to tell his wife about the affair. Kinne was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison without parole.

Each youngster will receive $300,000 in compensatory damages, according to the decision handed down by senior U.S. District Court Judge Glen Davidson. “Willful and wanton” behavior warranted punitive compensation, according to Davidson.

Lead attorney Carlos Moore told the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal that this could be the largest ever amount awarded for an excessive force case in Mississippi.

Matthew Kinne was sentenced to life in prison after pleading guilty to murdering 32-year-old Dominique Clayton. According to Face2Face Africa, Kinne and Clayton were reported to be romantically involved, and he gunned her down after she reportedly broke up with him and threatened to tell his wife about it.

Clayton's children are now aged 11 to 17. The cash was delivered to the kids of the slain Black woman after Kinne failed to respond to the lawsuit. After Kinne pleaded guilty in April 2020 to murdering Clayton, the default decision came a month later. In August 2021, the plaintiffs filed suit against Clayton.

Despite the fact that Kinne currently has no earnings, if Clayton's family can show that he committed the crime while on duty as a member of the Oxford Police Department, the city of Oxford will be responsible for his payment, according to The Associated Press.

“The $1 million question is whether his conduct was within the scope of his employment,” Moore added.

The complaint claims that Kinne drove a patrol car to Clayton's residence to see if he was okay. He was also dressed in his official apparel, according to the lawsuit.

On May 19, 2019, Clayton was murdered while sleeping at her house in Pinellas County. The slain mother's children were asleep over at their uncle's home when the incident occurred, according to FOX13.

However, on their return the following day, her body was discovered by her then-eight-year-old son. Clayton's son went into the house to try and elicit a laugh from his mother while the rest of the family waited outside. But he returned alone to inform them that she was deceased.

“It took us apart because my sister was the life of the party, and she made us laugh. My sister was both crazy and amusing. It will never be the same without her,” Clayton's sister Shyjuan said in 2019 after her death.

According to Shyjuan, her sister and Kinne were having an affair. “She was having an affair with Matt, the police officer with OPD [Oxford Police Department],” she explained. “(He) was really possessive and stalking her... I guess he did it so he wouldn't have to tell his wife.”

“He bought my sister a car and kept it in his name,” Shyjuan said. “He was about to give her a house. He simply didn't want his wife to find out, that's all.”

Shyjuan said her sister was going to leave Kinne and move in with her.

“I really believe that he did it,” Shyjuan said of Kinne. “I have no doubt whatsoever. He's just not that type of person. I mean, he's a family man.”

Shyjuan said her sister was scared of Kinne.

“She was really afraid of him,” Shyjuan said. “She would tell me that he would threaten her all the time and say that if she ever left him, he would kill her. She was always talking about how he would kill her.

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