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Ex-CIA Officer’s Alien-UFO Encounter: ‘There's A Whole Other Reality That Surrounds Us'

By: April Carson

The connection between the CIA and UFO mysteries dates back to 1947. Many CIA officials, as well as ex-US military men, have fueled UFOlogy by making startling claims in recent years. Former CIA & US military figures such as R. James Woolsey, Derrel Sims, Lue Elizondo, and David Fravor revealed how the existence of reality all around us that we are unable to perceive may be a key component of the UFO phenomenon.

Woolsey, who served as the Director of Central Intelligence from 1993-1995, stated in a recent interview that he believes "there's a whole other reality that surrounds us." He went on to say that this reality may be populated by intelligent beings who are capable of manipulating our perceptions.

Two veteran CIA agents, Jim Semivan and John Ramirez, who have expressed personal interest in UFO/UAP cases and issues, recently appeared on the George Knapp show to discuss the CIA's involvement with UFOs and their own experiences.

Semivan, who worked for the CIA for 25 years, stated that he was briefed on the UFO phenomenon early in his career and that it was considered a serious matter by the intelligence community. He also said that he believes there is a connection between UFOs and extraterrestrial life.

The CIA has a long history of investigating UFOs. After spending 25 years with the agency, former government officials Tom DeLonge's To the Stars Academy hired Jim Semivan to discuss how he was recruited and trained. He explained how he was brought into the CIA and educated in espionage, which takes years to master. Because the CIA operates on a "need-to-know" basis, Semivan wasn't informed specifically about UFO research until after Kit Green, who worked for the organization as an intelligence analyst, began pursuing ghosts.

In a recent interview with Coast to Coast AM, Semivan described his own alien-type encounters that began in 1990, when creatures appeared in his and his wife's bedroom. He acknowledged that the event was genuine, not occurring as a hypnagogic or dream state. The couple subsequently reported seeing occasional poltergeist activity at their house, as well as a hooded figure that looked like the Harry Potter Death Eater character who may have materialized to announce the death of a close friend.

The UFO phenomenon, according to Vallee, is a lot more than nuts and bolts and machinery. There are also psychic and biological components that ratchet up the high strangeness, according to Skinwalker Ranch researcher Colm Kelleher. To the Stars' research of "metamaterials" with odd isotopic ratios (possibly connected to UFOs) was continuing, he added.

During the first half of the conversation, Semivan stated:

“I believe they state that the occurrence is a natural element of our universe, and we're existing in it yet don't recognize it, much like insects and animals. A cat and a dog might be running through a library, but they have no idea what books are about or what libraries are about. We could be strolling down our life's path and discovering an entirely separate world that we cannot see or interact with.”

“It appears to be peeking into our little consensus reality,” says one observer. It comes close, teases us, cajoles us, and lies to us, but it will never allow you to introduce your parents. It won't let you do that. There's no formal greeting involved. On top of that there's no ontology, which is a fancy word for "no structure" or anything like that. We don't share a common lexicon. Someone said we have dots but no connections. I don't think we have any dots at all."

In the second half of the discussion, Commander Ramirez, a 25-year CIA veteran who specialized in ballistic missile defense systems, was discussed. He recalled his long-standing interest in espionage and how he went from being a Navy officer to joining the CIA in 1984. He likened gathering intelligence to working for a news organization, but his sources for articles were usually covert.

Ramirez told a story of an incident in 1993, while working at CIA headquarters. He was on his way to work early one morning when he saw something that appeared to be "a very large eye looking down at me." He said it was about 300 feet off the ground and estimated its size at about one-third of a mile in diameter. The object was not solid, but he could see "a lot of movement inside it." He said it made no noise and did not appear to be anything he recognized.

He also spoke about having what could be characterized as alien abduction experiences, such as being placed on an examination table in a circular craft. He noted that several of his CIA and NSA counterparts had UFO encounters. He became aware of occasions when Russian radar detected strange aircraft while working in the missile defense department, and they attempted to draw a UAP into landing in one instance.

According to Ramirez, CIA historian Gerald Haines discussed the agency's study of UFOs from 1947 through the 1990s in a previous book for a unit called the Office of Scientific Intelligence. What interested Ramirez was that the division employed scientists and doctors who specialized in biological research, suggesting an interest in alien bodies.

According to Ramirez, the Air Force investigated sightings of strange lights in 2011 and determined that they were probably Russian antigravity devices. The pilot who flew near Kamchatka to spy on Russian tests reported seeing a massive “milky white wall” of light approaching at 6200 mph, but the Air Force reasoned it was a response by the Russians. Ramirez stated that he doesn't think Russia or any other foreign nation has the technology to create this type of antigravity technology, as it relates to military UAP sightings like Tic Tacs.

In several interviews, Lue made these points, but in this one, he was asked to expand on his comments about how our senses are reductive and constrict our reality and how it might be related to the occurrence. He stated:

“This has been an ongoing problem for a long time. Imagine the first person to set out on a sailing voyage across the horizon. There are tales of sea monsters, including the Kraken, that will sink your ship and devour you. We decided to do it regardless because we sailed and traveled throughout the world. It turns out, 500 years later, there are actually sea monsters in the Pacific known as ‘The Great Squid of the Pacific,' along with great white sharks and whales.”

“I think we've just discovered a new species,” said Tish, who looked truly ecstatic. “It's amazing what you learn when you Google words from another language...But now they're simply part of nature, and they have a scientific name; nevertheless, those sea monsters exist. They're there; we just need to recognize them. Maybe this is the same thing. Maybe this is really nothing more than one more journey over the horizon where we'll find out that what we thought were monsters are actually good neighbors.”

Surprisingly, when it comes to the phenomenon's reality, Garry Nolan, Lue Elizondo, Tom DeLonge, and Jacques Vallee all opine in much the same way. Could it be that aliens and UFOs are real, but not exactly as we imagined them? The answer, it seems, is a resounding “maybe.”

For the time being, at least, we can all agree that there's a whole other reality that surrounds us, one which we may never fully comprehend.

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