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Elon Musk continues to fire Twitter employees, just days after saying he was done with layoffs

By: April Carson

On Wednesday night, Elon Musk fired several dozen Twitter employees- most of whom were engineers, according to two people familiar with the company's actions.

Firings at Twitter came as a shock to many of the employees, according to sources. However, in an all-hands meeting earlier this week, Musk said that there would be no more layoffs.

The firings come at a time when the social media giant is trying to stay competitive in the face of increasing competition from other tech companies. It is believed that Musk is hoping to reduce costs and streamline operations, as well as make room for new talent.

The employees who were fired on Wednesday night were told the layoff was due to their performance, and they received one month of severance pay, according to one of the people.

Two laid-off employees said the termination process was similar to their own: access to work tools and computers were immediately cut off, and a notice of termination was sent via personal email accounts.

Many Twitter employees have already left the company due to layoffs, resignations, or firings by Musk. This has created a significant amount of work for those who are remaining at the company. In fact, some teams are so short-staffed that employees have had to work on holidays like Thanksgiving.

The latest round of firings is sure to further test the resilience of those who remain at Twitter. Despite the upheaval, Musk has said he is committed to making Twitter a successful company and that he will continue to invest in its people and technology.

It is assumed that the firings, to some degree, are a reaction to Musk's new requirement for Twitter engineers and other employees working on code or technical projects to update him weekly. These updates would include what was accomplished during the week, goals for next week, and specific lines of code they wrote. Insider reported that these regular Friday updates were shifted to Wednesday due to the Thanksgiving holiday.

Twitter recruiters have supposedly asked external engineers to come work for the company under Musk's rule. In addition, Musk has even hired a hoaxer who deceived the press into thinking he had just been laid off from Twitter. Because of these events, staff believe that Musk has finally kicked his habit of sudden firings, one source said.

It's unclear if Musk has any plans to continue layoffs in the future, but what is certain is that he is taking additional steps to ensure that employees are held accountable. By requiring regular updates and ensuring there is transparency within the company, it appears as though Musk wants everyone at Twitter to be on the same page and focus on achieving their goals. With these measures in place, it looks like Twitter will remain a successful platform despite some recent upheavals.

Only time will tell if this latest move by Musk will stick or if more layoffs may yet come down the line. In the meantime, staff can take comfort knowing they have a leader who values accountability and transparency. As long as everyone continues to work hard and meet their goals, the future of Twitter looks bright.

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