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Dish Orders SpaceX to Disconnect Starlink Dishes Used on Moving Boats and Cars

By: April Carson

SpaceX has been ordered to disconnect Starlink dishes used on moving boats and cars, in order to comply with new regulations.

The FCC has recently updated its rules regarding the use of moving vehicles as base stations for satellite internet connections. The new rules state that, in order to avoid interference with other users, any dishes used for such connections must be disconnected from the vehicle while it is in motion.

SpaceX has been using Starlink dishes on boats and cars in order to provide internet access to remote areas. However, under the new rules, the company will have to disconnect the dishes whenever the vehicles are moving.

This could pose a challenge for SpaceX, as it may require the development of new technology to automatically disconnect and reconnect the dishes when needed.

On Monday, Dish urged the FCC to order SpaceX to disconnect Starlink customers who have installed the satellite internet system on moving boats and automobiles. “The Commission should convey to SpaceX that further unlawful mobile usage of Starlink terminals will not be tolerated,” wrote Dish in a letter to the FCC.

The letter is part of a contentious rivalry between the two firms over whether or not SpaceX has obtained an FCC license to operate Starlink dishes in the United States on moving vehicles, such as aircraft and boats. According to SpaceX's own website, using Starlink in motion is forbidden. Nonetheless, some customers have tested Starlink on moving RVs and fishing boats and posted their findings online.

Dish has been complaining about the unauthorized use of Starlink since May, citing fears that it would disrupt its own satellite TV network. However, on Monday, Dish urged both SpaceX and the FCC to take action against the problem by shutting off customers' accounts.

“To be clear, the burden is on SpaceX to prove that it can identify operations in progress on its system and that it has a policy to deactivate accounts that use its antennas while they are in operation.” “Specifically, SpaceX should be ordered to: disclose whether and how it can identify operations in motion on its system; demonstrably deactivate accounts that use its antennas when they are in motion,” Dish wrote in the letter.

The firm also suspects that SpaceX has never terminated a subscriber account for using Starlink on a moving vehicle since its own customer agreement forbids it. “This will go a long way toward addressing Dish's worries if SpaceX announces that it will deactivate ESIM (earth station in motion) operations and, in fact, does so," the company stated.

SpaceX did not respond to a request for comment. However, in a letter sent to the FCC last week, the firm urged the commission to move forward and swiftly grant its application to deploy Starlink dishes on moving vehicles. SpaceX charged that Dish Network was orchestrating "publicity stunts" designed to undermine Starlink, which is competing for the same 12GHz 5G radio spectrum as Dish.

The letter came after Dish Network sent its own missive to the FCC, asking the regulator to delay a decision on SpaceX's request. In that letter, Dish stated that it was "deeply concerned" about the potential for Starlink to interfere with its own satellite TV service.

Dish also took issue with SpaceX's assertion that its agreement with the company allowed for the use of Starlink dishes on moving vehicles. "SpaceX's characterization of our Agreement is incorrect," Dish wrote. "The Agreement does not authorize SpaceX to provide broadband services using earth stations in motion."

It's unclear how long Dish and SpaceX will continue their feud over Starlink. But with both companies now having made their respective positions clear to the FCC, it's likely that the two companies will eventually have to come to some sort of resolution.

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