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Did Nikola Tesla Create An "Battery-less" Electric Car?

By: April Carson

While the folklore that surrounds Nikola Tesla currently includes a lot of fantastic elements, there's no doubt that he had a brain capable of producing "marvels" in terms of technology.

The modern Tesla is recognized for producing modern electric automobiles, but the original Nikola Tesla created an electric vehicle years before that, and he did it without batteries. Did he or didn't he?

The issue is that most reports of the vehicle seem to originate from sites like those who believe perpetual motion machines are a wonderful concept being kept down by a cabal of energy firms and space reptile Jews. So it's hard to know what to make of the story.

There are some indications, though, that Tesla may have really done it. A few inventors have since created battery-less electric cars, and there are some interesting similarities between their work and Tesla's. For example, both used a capacitor to store energy for use in the car.

According to a study, the automobile credited to Tesla is probably a fraud. But the really fascinating thing is that they almost certainly could have, given Tesla's technology development work.

The most popular Tesla electric vehicle was a 1931 Pierce-Arrow that had been converted. The original engine had been replaced with an electric motor, and the battery pack was reported to have been removed. This car was said to have incredible acceleration, being able to go from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.2 seconds.

On many websites, the same basic account of events is presented in the format above. Peter Salvo, Tesla's nephew (there's no proof he was involved), is said to have been taken for a ride, and the scene frequently occurs around Buffalo, NY.

The story seems to have been first published in 1934 (New York Daily News, April 2, 1934 titled ‘Tesla’s Wireless Power Dream Nears Reality’) and has been more widely circulating since about 1967 — here’s an account from 1981.

Where did this electric vehicle history originate, and why is it so popular? I think the tale is so entrenched for a variety of reasons, first and foremost because Tesla has an almost divine status among many people, especially those inclined to be more open-minded and creative or batshit crazy free-energy nuts.

There's also a tantalizing glimmer of possibility in all of this. Wardenclyffe Tower, which Tesla completed and experimented with from 1901 to 1917, was a facility used to (among other things) test the transmission of electricity as EM waves through the air, much like we broadcast audio as EM waves through the air for radio today.

If this technology were perfected, electric cars would be able to run without batteries. Ideally, it should allow anything to function without batteries as long as you had access to electrical broadcast energy. I'd probably end up driving my wireless electric car all over the place if they could just get a signal to my mobile phone, based on how they operate.

If we read the narrative in the context of a vehicle driven by broadcast electricity, generated by conventional methods rather than a Magic Black Box, it becomes considerably more engaging since it is conceivable that Tesla may have put a receiver in an electric automobile (or car converted to be electric) that would have worked. There's no proof he did it, but electric vehicles had already been developed and he'd already shown the ability to beam energy; therefore, the elements were certainly there.

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