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Delray Beach resident urges others to be vigilant after nearly falling for a fake job offer scam

By: April Carson

Just this month, a resident of Delray Beach encountered a phony job offer while searching for employment opportunities - prompting her to caution others about the potential danger.

Since her December layoff, Strouch has scoured and LinkedIn for new job opportunities - determined to find a great position that suits her needs. After applying to a seemingly promising job listing, she received an unexpected reply.

As Strouch recounted, "I've had quite a few rejections and some suspicious job offers. Last week I received a text from someone saying he was Davis from Laboratory Corporations of America - which immediately raised alarm bells for me. He asked if I had Skype but luckily I was able to download it quickly." He connected me with his hiring manager, who then informed me that our interview would take place via text. Despite the fact that I wasn't camera-ready for a Skype call, they were accommodating and agreeable to an alternative option.

After conducting a speedy Google search, Strouch found an alert on Labcorp's website cautioning consumers of the numerous false recruitment scams circulating on the web. With further research, he also found that other people had encountered the same con artists.

During my interview with the hiring manager, I expressed that I wasn't comfortable going ahead with this platform. When he asked what was wrong, I presented him a picture of fraudulent job scams on Labcorp's website - after that there was total silence.

Cybersecurity specialists have warned about this scam's rising prevalence, particularly when consumers are active on the internet and hence more vulnerable. All of these signs indicate that it is a classic example of such a fraudulent activity.

Therefore, I urge everyone to be extra vigilant when it comes to job offers and recruitment opportunities. Investigate the company thoroughly before taking up any offer, use secure websites - such as Labcorp’s website- to cross check information and always contact the hiring manager in person.

With the onslaught of layoffs at the start of this year, scammers have been taking advantage of those who are desperately seeking employment. According to Hilary Donnell, head of corporate social responsibility and public affairs at Aura cybersecurity firm, “It is imperative that individuals remain vigilant when searching for a job because these scammers may be hiding amongst legitimate employers".

During the summer of 2020, Donnell revealed that there were more than 20,000 reports to the FTC regarding job-related scams which caused consumers a total financial loss of over $75 million.

Recently, Delray Beach resident Tessa Adams nearly fell victim to a job offer scam. The position seemed perfect for her with attractive compensation and benefits package but when she began researching the offer, red flags started appearing.

Donnell advised that a few red flags to watch out for include unofficial communication methods such as text messages or WhatsApp, and emails originating from Gmail or Yahoo instead of an official company email address. She also cautioned against cashier checks and offers of signing-on bonuses that require a recipient to provide their personal bank information.

When an alleged hiring manager requests your social security number or a copy of your driver's license prior to completing the formal job application process, Donnell advises that this is a huge red flag. Strouch will be paying close attention for these types of warning signs as she progresses through her search.

Strouch was so alarmed by the scam that he felt impelled to contact the news in order to safeguard other people from becoming victims. He cautions that the public should be attentive to traditional mailing address and email formats, as scams are often difficult to distinguish from legitimate job offers. Strouch warns prospective employees to remain vigilant when responding to inquiries or applications, especially if they originate from unfamiliar sources.

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