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Creating Great Relationships

We know how to get married, and we know how to get divorced, but do we know how to have great relationships?

This is a question I have been pondering for decades. I represent many men and women in divorces who have pondered the same. Many of whom have been married for decades but never if they are fully honest with themselves had what their heart considers a great relationship for any length of time.

So why is this? Many of us have only created a momentum of frustrating relationships (and marriages) riddled with silent anger, financial difficulty, never-ending contention, emotional or physical abuse or neglect, emotional untruths, or little or no sexual connection. And then after years of trying to make it work, the silent frustration becomes so loud to ignore that staying married or together for the kids, religion, companionship, or even for the money becomes unbearable. And then you decide to divorce or break up in search of a better relationship or just simply a peace of mind from the bondage of an unworkable and unhappy relationship or marriage.

Then you meet someone new only to repeat the cycle again and again causing your heart to lament that the best or greatest relationship you have ever had was with someone you can’t be with or haven’t met. And this is so not the truth.

The greatest relationship that you can ever have begins with the one you have with yourself. Are you showing up in the most sincere way with yourself first?

When two people choose to love and connect with one another, the components of a great and long lasting relationship are present. The two people in the relationship are the ones that make all the decisions. The hardest part of this equation, however, is ensuring that you bring your sincere self and your sincerest desires to the other person and to the relationship. Most of us unfortunately aren’t yet sincere enough in who we are or what we want for ourselves so our baseline in all of our relationships is insincerity. And if you present in a new relationship insincere, that insincerity makes it almost impossible to have or maintain a great relationship with someone even if you might really love that person. Therefore, once again, in your space of possibility, you only created another hard unworkable relationship with another.

If you can develop your sincerity with yourself and begin having a great relationship with yourself first, then your ability to experience a great relationship (however you truly define that) with another person increases by 100%. This becomes true for four reasons:

(1) You present to all relationships sincerely or not at all;

(2) You become more intuitive of other people’s motives;

(3) Your energy space becomes more repellent meaning insincere people just can’t fake with you for too long because they can’t handle the intensity of your sincerity; and

(4) Your point of attraction pulls within your energetic space more sincere-hearted people looking for the same or similar sincere connections.

Overtime, this realignment pulls towards you more aligned love interests. However, your rate of disappointments or heartbreaks may increase initially as the trajectory of your attraction adjusts, but you will find over time these heart breaks are not heartbreaks at all but are only broken expectations that bring you closer to your own heart.

What does your heart want in your next or first great relationship?

Become one with the flame within and connect with your twin flame

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