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Cosmic Perspectives on Earthly Battles: Edward Blum, Diversity, andthe Wisdom of the Ancients

By ShonSpeaks

For those familiar with the timeless teachings of Thoth and the Annunaki, and the cosmic wisdom bestowed by extraterrestrial beings, our current earthly struggles, though intense, are a mere blip in the vast cosmic dance of energies. While it's crucial to be aware of the changing dynamics around us, especially with figures like Edward Blum reshaping the legal and societal landscape, it's equally important to stay anchored to our higher knowledge and wisdom.

With a staggering 5% of Black associates and an unprecedented 2.3% of partners being Black in 2021, there's evidently a tsunami of Black lawyers storming the halls of large law firms. I mean, how could white men possibly stand a chance in this deluge? While some white voices, struggling to be heard over this apparent avalanche of blacks in the mix, some are expressing their angst about the unendurable discrimination they're facing in the law firm arena. 

The real question remains: With all this "emphasis" on diversity in hiring first-years at law firms, why don't we see more Black faces in those elite partner portraits on the office walls? Is "diversity" just a stylish word firms throw around at galas to get more big corporate clients?

Law firms having 5% of its associates being and  2.3% of its partners being black is too diverse so it must be reverse discrimination for these black people to hold those positions. It’s time for Edward Bloom to save the white men from discrimination.

The sarcasm in this assertion contrasts with reality but more importantly it contrasts sharply with the wisdom of ancient civilizations, which always emphasized unity, understanding, and the valuing of each soul's unique journey.

As the narrative unfolds with Edward Blum’s legal maneuverings and the apparent challenges posed to the ideals of diversity first in college admissions and now in attorney hires at law firms, those touched by esoteric teachings recognize that true power doesn't lie in societal constructs or temporary victories. True power lies within our understanding of the universe, our connection to higher realms, and the wisdom that transcends worldly challenges.

While Blum's actions and the responses of law firms become the center stage of this earthly drama, we are reminded by the Annunaki teachings that every soul's journey is unique, and the true essence of diversity is understanding the infinite possibilities that the universe offers. The apparent emphasis, or lack thereof, on diversity is but an external manifestation of deeper, inner struggles that humanity grapples with.

For members of the 4biddenknowledge circle, it's not about turning a blind eye to these events, but rather viewing them with a higher perspective. We recognize the pain, the challenges, but also understand that our vibrational frequency is above fear.

The challenges presented by figures like Edward Blum and the conservative stronghold are not to be ignored. However, in understanding them, we must also draw upon our cosmic knowledge, knowing that in the grand scheme of existence, these are but transient moments. Diversity, true diversity, is a cosmic principle, reflecting the infinite facets of existence. By staying anchored in this truth, we rise above the immediate challenges, drawing strength from our cosmic heritage and understanding.

As the article delves deeper into the intricacies of the legal sector and its struggles with genuine diversity, let's not forget our broader cosmic narrative. The numbers and statistics might seem disheartening, but they also offer an opportunity for introspection, growth, and a renewed push for a world that reflects cosmic unity rather than division.

The poignant observation about the trauma endured by Black communities and the neurological implications is not just an earthly challenge. For those who tap into higher frequencies, it's a call to infuse earthly actions with cosmic wisdom, to heal not just the physical, but also the spiritual scars that centuries of trauma have inflicted.

So, as the world watches Edward Blum’s steps, and as the battles over diversity play out, let those in the 4biddenknowledge circle be the beacon of light, drawing upon ancient wisdom and cosmic understanding, and leading humanity towards a more inclusive, united, and enlightened future.

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