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Coach Billy Carson Leads a Stunning Example of Pursuing Your Life’s Interests

Billy Carson is not a new name. He is distinguished as an incredible author of the bestselling book, ‘The Compendium of the Emerald,’ and is also a remarkable producer and actor. Additionally, Carson is also the Founder of 4biddenknowledge Inc, a streaming TV network. Yet, what specifically makes Billy Carson a true role model for young people, is the fact that he is pursuing his life interest.

There are numerous inspirational stories of successful people with no direction and purpose. However, Billy Carson remains to be the classic example of a successful person who has a series of accomplishments, all while pursuing his passion.

Below, we joined Billy Carson in a heart-to-heart talk to know what his fueling desires were and how he managed to come this far, persevering with his life’s interest.

Billy Carson shares that he has always been fascinated with the odds about the universe and went on to explore the depths of the mathematical codes, which brought forth the world. In the process of learning, Carson also got to know about the conscience, and how humanity is all connected with it, “Comprehending the complexity of the spirituality, I figured out how simple everything that surrounds us truly was. Realizing that only if humankind could understand the human mind, we could be better in our conscience, I came up with the concept of The, that works solely to provide vast choices of entertainment programs to enlighten the consciousness of its viewers,” he says. Undoubtedly, serves to enlighten through entertainment, spoiling you with amazing shows, all zeroed in to open your eyes to the true divine nature of your soul.

Being the mastermind behind the Pantheon Elite records, Billy Carson emerged as an apt music producer. With the release of the “Return Of The Enki,” that managed to remain on the billboard for straight weeks in 2018, Carson became resolute to create soulful music that is focused on bestowing the conscience of its listener. “Music has an instant impact on our mind, and so nothing could serve the purpose of elevating our conscience better than this. With Pantheon Elite Record, I am committed to promoting the power of conscious music,” he says.

While the greater proportion of Carson’s passion remains to be promoting the strength of consciousness among humankind, his motive behind the promotion is actually philanthropic. “The mere reason why I involve in advancing the consciousness among people, is to ignite the fire of compassion within their souls, which feels for the humanity, and is ready to get into the philanthropic work,” says Billy Carson.

While promoting compassion and empathy in this brutal world, Billy Carson himself loves to do philanthropic activities, transforming the lives of people around the globe with his kind deeds. Being the founding member of the YMCA in Weston, Florida, Carson and his family has donated over $25,000 to set up the city’s first and only YMCA multi-sports complex. With a clear motto of ‘you never need a reason to help someone’, Billy Carson serves as a ray of hope for young blood to cultivate the empathetic mindset. In fact, where the current world suffers through the severe crises of upright humans, Billy Carson is one incredible soul who has faith in the power of determination, goodwill, and dedication to achieve the impossible.

Billy Carson further advises the youth to never give up hope. “Humans are meant to suffer on this planet. Only if we had peace in this world we would never have had to hunt for it. Yet, we can create peace by establishing a conscious state of mind within our own selves. My greatest piece of advice is to keep doing good, even if people mock you; after all, it is the good that makes you notable in front of the Divine power,” he says.

Chasing his passion for enlightening the consciousness with his endeavors, Billy Carson is genuinely leading the stunning example of pursuing your life’s interest.



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