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Chronicles Of The Anunnaki Live Workshop!

Come to my exclusive 5 hour lecture at Gaiasphere April 25th, 2020.

The Chronicles of the Anunnaki tells of a time in deep antiquity, some 450,000 years ago, when advanced beings came to our solar system to strip-mine its planets and moons for resources. During their mission they labored, they loved, they fought, and they created a slave race. They were a war like race and our solar system became their new battleground.

Join like minded members and human origin seekers as Billy Carson, best selling author of "The Compendium of The Emerald Tablets" and a show guest and expert talent, presents The Chronicles of the Anunnaki. Billy will dive deep into the Annunaki bloodline and civilization structure to help us understand how it relates to our modern day experience.

Billy Carson will take you all the way back to the Creation of the Milky Way Galaxy and the formation of our solar system. Then Billy Carson will take a deep dive into the Pleiadian galactic war that occurred millions of years ago. A galactic space war in the Pleadian star cluster. Refugees were sent fleeing to other star systems to look for a new home. The fleeing refugees find new planets in inhabit in the Orion and Sirius star systems. A Small remnant crash land on a planet that orbits a brown dwarf star. Learn about the galactic refugees and discover what star systems they inhabited.

Billy Carson will teach you the lineage of the Anunnaki bloodlines and the Ancient Egyptian Mysteries that are your birth right.

Finally, learn how they made their way to Earth to kick start the Atlantean civilizations. You will learn in extreme detail the bloodlines that believe they have control over mankind and their back story. You will also discover the true power of the human spirit and its divine nature.

This will be an amazing journey into the true history of the many races of beings in our Galaxy and beyond. REGISTER TODAY! LIMITED SEATS AVAILABLE:

Don’t forget to order your copy today!



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