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Changing the Game: From Disrupted to Disruptor

Window washing may no longer be a job for humans. Robots are here to reduce the load and take all the risks of the fall. Washing windows on skyscrapers like the One World Trade Center (the tallest building in the United States) have to be scary even for the most fearless window washer out there. Skyline Robotics, a company based in Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel created the robot Ozmo. Ozmo according to Skyline Robotics is “an environmentally diligent cleaning robot that will provide your building facade with unmistakable long-term advancements.” In simpler terms Ozmo is a robotic automated window cleaner. The only human effort is maintenance and control over the robot, so the robot takes all the risk.

Ozmo makes window washing safer. Ozmo, the robot, is mounted on the same kind of device mechanism that can lift window washers up and down the side of the building using a motorized crane system. Ozmo is more efficient than humans because Ozmo’s reach is longer, allowing one robot to potentially clean a larger area of window space with every pass. Also, Ozmo doesn’t need a lunch break, bathroom break or a smoke break.

Window washing is a $40 billion a year revenue industry and window washers are now about to be disrupted with robots just like the cashiers, the elevator doorman, and the chauffeurs. With information now being encoded to binary code known as bits, information could be logically processed and performed via circuits that can be turned on or off with a switch.

Statistically most window washers today are over 40 years of age. The average window washer earns $17.50 per hour. Widow washing is a dare-devil type occupation and the younger generation just don’t like taking unnecessary physical risks for a day’s wage that will barely pay for a nice steak dinner for two.

Let the robots do the manual labor and leave the creative innovations to the humans. At least those that are willing to disrupt their own careers before being disrupted by inevitably new robotic substitutes.

If you happen to be a window washer or know a window washer, tell them not to fret. Embrace the disruption—opportunity awaits. This disruption could very well be the nudge needed to awaken the next great inventor. And if that happens to be you and just for petty’s sake, you can’t let go that those pesky robots took your job, disrupt the robots: be the first to create windows that don’t need cleaning. Disruptors can be disrupted too!

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