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CEO Gives Student A Car After He Walked Over 20 Miles To First Day Of New Job

By: April Carson

Whether you're starting a new job or working your last, having a strong work ethic is essential. We hear how the most successful people spent years toiling away at the bottom rung before achieving success all the time.

They put their hearts into achieving their full potential at their jobs. This is a story quite like that one.

In the summer of 2018, 20-year-old Walter Carr had just begun work as a mover for Bellhops in Alabama. The first place to which he was assigned was nearly 20 miles away from Carr's home in Homewood, Alabama, and he would need to be there early in the morning.

But Carr's first job would not be that simple

Normally, the distance would not have been a problem for Carr since he was able to travel by automobile. The issue arose when his automobile broke down, however. This may have been an acceptable excuse for many individuals to skip the first day of their employment. Or at the absolute least, be late.

But Walter Carr was not one of them. Seeing his situation, the graduate from Birmingham College set out on foot. Yes, you read it correctly. The 20-year-old had no intention of being late for his first position in his career.

He awoke early in order to make the trek, having only slept for four hours the night before. Then he put on some pants so that the lengthy grass on his route would not be a problem, and departed from his home at midnight.

By 4 a.m., Carr had gotten to Pelham. Fortunately for Carr, he did not have to walk the whole way there. Some police personnel noticed the boy and inquired about his presence that late at night. When the cops asked Carr if he had been drinking, he responded: "It's going to sound really weird, but I'm actually getting ready to go to work." According to USA Today, when Carr explained his situation to the police, he stated: "It will appear rather strange, but I am in fact going to work."

Before transporting him to a local church, the cops treated him to something at a nearby Whataburger.

The cops promised to transport Carr to his work so that he might arrive on time. But Carr refused to wait any longer. When the cops returned, Carr was gone once more! He had resumed walking. As a result, they looked for him, retrieved him, and drove him to Lamey's house, where he could get his money.

The Next Big Surprise Was At The Job

The homeowner of the house being relocated, Jenny Lamey, even uploaded a status on Facebook describing the event, which went viral in a matter of minutes. Here is how she came to know of Carr’s dedication:

“The doorbell rang around 6:30 a.m. It was a police officer who came to the door. He said he had picked up ‘this pleasant youngster' in Pelham early this morning.' "He's the nice kid," Walter informed us, referring to our helper. You could tell how much the officer admired Walter by his reaction when he told us this story.”

But there was more. Carr showed up at his work site earlier than expected. As a result, the Lameys spoke with Carr while they waited for the real crew to show up.

When the crew saw Carr at the job site, they were relieved that he had even shown up since most didn't. The Lamey's then recounted an incredible tale to the crew. Did you hear what Walter has to say about his journey? "I walked."

When he received the present, Walter broke down. Everyone who heard about him was inspired by him. From the cops to the clients to anybody else that spoke with him on the streets, everyone was astonished. Soon, Bellhops CEO Luke Marklin learned of it.

After that, Walter was presented with an unexpected yet well-deserved award for his commitment. Luke showed his appreciation for the employee by giving him a vehicle - Marlin's own new 2014 Ford Escape. According to Inside Edition, Marklin said he thought the vehicle would be much better utilized by Walter at work than in his hands.

When Walter received the present, he was unable to contain his emotion. Walter and his mother had formerly resided in New Orleans. However, Hurricane Katrina drove them to relocate to Birmingham, where the Carrs were working hard to make ends meet. The Lamey's also attended the presentation and praised how inspirational Walter was.

He only wanted to get to his job and show his commitment. That was all the modest youngster had to say about his fantastic first day at his first job. I believe it is safe to assume that we can all learn a lesson from Walter's example when it comes to good work ethics. What are your thoughts on this?

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