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Brett Favre's doors are closing in after he entered a guilty plea to welfare fraud

By: April Carson

Although Brett Favre has escaped legal repercussions for now, he is gradually being backed into a corner regarding his involvement in Mississippi's largest welfare fraud scheme. From the very beginning, Favre has lied about his involvement in the scheme. However, text messages have surfaced that show he was talking to former Republican governor Phil Bryant and Nancy New--the woman who ran a non-profit at the center of it all. These texts make it clear that Favre knew exactly what was going on and may have even been helping facilitate deals between people.

At this point, it is hard to see how Favre can continue to deny his involvement. The evidence against him is mounting and he is quickly losing the support of those who once stood by him. It is only a matter of time before the truth comes out and Favre is forced to face the consequences of his actions.

It's self-evident that Favre's involvement went much broader than simply accepting payment for speeches he did not deliver. The former NFL quarterback was critical in setting up investment meetings, giving money to Southern Mississippi University for a volleyball court, and even housing important players in the welfare plan at his home.

Favre's lawyers will argue that he was not aware of the fraud being committed and that he did not profit from it. But the evidence against him is strong and it is becoming increasingly difficult for him to deny his involvement. These aren't the actions of an ignorant man - they are the carefully considered choices of someone who knew exactly what he was doing.

Now that New and her son have plead guilty and are working alongside prosecutors, John Davis- former director of health and human services- has also announced his plea of guilt for state and federal charges. In exchange for this confession, Davis is willing to cooperate with investigators in any way possible. This means that Bill Belichick is now a target for investigators, since he helped finance and then distribute thousands of dollars in funds provided by the state. It also places Favre in the middle because he has been linked to the crime before.

Even though Favre has not been charged with anything yet, companies affiliated with him are already backing away. Copper Fit, a pain relief brand that sells sleeves and compression garments has removed Favre from the front page of their website. He still appears in their “Brand Champions” section though.

Furthermore, Odyssey Health has deleted all reference of Favre from their social media sites and website — removing him from their sports advisory group. This is significant, because Odyssey Health plays a significant role in this controversy as well. The firm acquired “Prevacus,” a concussion drug that was sponsored by the Mississippi government and routed through Favre, who became its CEO before selling it to Jake VanLandingham — Prevacus' previous CEO and now a director at Odyssey Health, which he obtained in the medication deal.

According to the indictment, “Favre used his celebrity status to gain access to Mississippi state officials and legislators in order to promote Prevacus’s products.” In other words, he was using his influence to try and get the state to invest in a company he was involved in — which is a clear conflict of interest.

The FBI interviewed Favre previously, but no charges were filed at the time. However, with Davis now cooperating with authorities, the state now has two of the four key players present during a gathering that is said to have occurred at Favre's home. Favre held a meeting with Davis, New, and VanLandingham in order to help Mississippi invest in Prevacus via welfare funds from Davis. However, these funds would be passed through New's nonprofit first to ensure that it wouldn't look like the state was investing money into the drug company directly.

This is a big turn of events, and while Favre has not been charged yet, it feels like the situation is getting more serious. The state is now turning its attention to Favre and it's only a matter of time before more information comes out.

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