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Brain Health With Binaural Beats

By: April Carson

Binaural beats are brain entrainment frequencies that work by sending two different binaural beat frequencies to the two ears via headphones. And your brain responds by producing a third tone in the difference between the frequencies of these two tones.

You can find binaural beats in a variety of places these days and you've probably heard about binaural beats even if you don't know what they actually are. This is because binaural beats have been associated with the treatment of physical and mental conditions. It has also been said to induce certain binaural beat frequencies which can lead to altered states of consciousness.

The two tones are interpreted by your brain as a beat of its own. The frequencies of the two tones line up with the pulses in your brain to generate a beat with a distinct frequency. The difference in hertz (Hz) between the frequencies of the two tones is what makes one tone higher than another.

For example, if the left ear hears a 300Hz tone and right ear hears a 305Hz tone, your brain will detect binaural beats at 5Hz which is the difference in their frequency.

Effects from binaural beats are usually subtle, but can sometimes produce profound results. Many binaural beat products on the market aim for a specific goal such as binaural beats to help sleep, binaural beats for learning or binaural beats for meditation.

More often than not binaural beats are used for relaxation purposes and some products can also help increase your creativity too.


Binaural Beats For Sleep -

There are a lot of binaural beat solutions accessible for purchase. Binaural beats for sleep, which have a frequency range of 4-8 Hz, are one of the most popular binaural beats.

Binaural Beats For Learning -

There are several studies that show binaural beats might help with learning. The 10 Hz frequency for stimulating your brain power is one such study.

Binaural Beats For Meditation -

Binaural beats for meditation are generally between 5 and 8 hertz, whereas binaural beat brainwaves provide a more tranquil and sometimes deeper meditative state. You can utilize binaural beats to achieve self-hypnosis.

Binaural Beats For Astral Projection -

Another application of binaural beats is for astral travel, binaural beat brainwaves that are ideal for astral projectors are Theta binaural beats; the Theta binaural beats frequency range is 4-8 Hz, and so on.

The binaural beat frequencies stated above are only a couple, there are many more you can achieve using binaural beats.

How Do They Work?

For binaural beats to work, it is important that you are wearing headphones. This is because binaural beats are binaural tones which are only effective when you can hear them with both ears.

When binaural tones are played through loudspeakers, the two tones do not meet at your ear drums and thus cannot interlink to form binaural beats. It is therefore not possible to create binaural beats by playing stereo music as you cannot hear binaural tones through your headphones.





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