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Black Holes May Make Time Travel Possible

By: April Carson

Black holes are unique phenomena in the universe that act as portals to both the past and future, creating a time machine of sorts. According to the theory of general relativity, a particle entering a black hole would experience an extreme stretching of time. This means that if you were to enter a black hole when you returned it may be many years later.

In fact, in some cases, someone can travel hundreds or even thousands of years into the future. Such a time machine could potentially allow us to explore the universe in ways we have never imagined before. It could also enable us to revisit events of our past or even change them entirely.

What is a Black hole?

When a star reaches its demise and implodes upon itself, an incredibly heavy object is forged- the black hole. This object has a gravitational pull that is so strong, not even light can escape its clutches.

Just like planets and stars, black holes have gravitational fields that encircle them. Through this force of gravity, our planet remains adhered to the Earth's surface while it simultaneously orbits around the Sun.

A general law of physics states that the larger an object, the more powerful its gravitational pull.

Getting to space is a daunting task due to Earth's powerful gravitational field, which necessitates us constructing rockets that can travel at unfathomably high speeds to escape the planet.

However, black holes are even more powerful. The gravity of a black hole is so strong that it can warp the fabric of time and space - creating a shortcut between two points in space-time. This phenomenon could provide a gateway to the past, or even the future.

Theoretically, if you could harness the power of a black hole, it could be possible to travel through time. But this is easier said than done because of the immense energy required to propel a spacecraft close enough to a black hole for its gravity to take effect.

Albert Einstein's iconic general theory of relativity demonstrates the immense power that matter and energy have on warping and curving space. As an object gains mass, its gravitational pull begins to distort its surroundings more drastically.

When a massive body occupies space, it causes the area to bend and curve, consequently trapping any other objects that enter this field by its strong gravitational force. As such, these entities no longer travel in an uninterrupted line through space-time but are instead dragged along the distorted path formed by the large object.

As you move nearer to a black hole, the valley it forms becomes increasingly more severe until an event horizon is reached; no light can escape from this point. Not only do these portals tantalize time travelers in search of adventure, but they also captivate philosophers hoping to uncover the core of time itself.

Space and time are inextricably linked; when space is stretched, so too is time. Consequently, a clock that resides close to an object of significant mass will tick slower than one nearby a much less massive entity.

In areas of intense gravity close to the event horizon, time can slow down so much that a distant observer would have the perception of everything being frozen in place.

By capitalizing on the power of a black hole, you can fly into the future. If exploring what's ahead for our planet is your mission, all it takes is soaring near a black hole and then returning to Earth.

Even though time slows down around the center of a black hole, you can move away from it without crossing its event horizon-- provided that you stay close enough.

What about the past? This is where things get truly interesting. A black hole bends time so much that it can wrap back on itself. This means you can theoretically travel to any point in the past-- but only if you have access to a wormhole. Once inside, you could go through the black hole and end up in the distant past.

This kind of time travel isn't just science fiction. Scientists believe that it's theoretically possible, and some are already working on ways to make it work. All we need is a way to harness the power of black holes and create an artificial wormhole-- something that could enable us to explore history like never before.

But, what is the downside?

Achieving a journey into the past of a black hole is not without its issues. The primary obstacle is that you can only travel to where the black hole originated. If the black hole is infinitely old and did not have any beginning, then time travel to the distant past would be impossible.

Secondly, entering the loop would require plunging through the event horizon. To escape this time treadmill and travel back to a specific moment in the past then you must overtake light speed, something scientists agree is impossible.

Last, and likely the most undesirable of all outcomes, you and your vessel would be subject to "spaghettification." This is the process of being stretched into a long, thin strand-like spaghetti due to the difference in gravitational forces between your feet and head. You'd be spread so thin that you'll feel like a string of atoms dissolving into oblivion.

Time travel through a black hole would be an incredibly risky endeavor. Understanding the physics and engineering of this type of voyage is essential if we hope to use them for something so far-fetched as time travel. However, the possibilities that could be unlocked in such a venture make it an exciting prospect for those looking to explore other realms of possibility.

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