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Thoughts birth thoughts. There are always some coincidences in the best circumstances, whether thinking or expressing or doing. The unforgettable thoughts, the joyous expressions, and the commendable deeds are only fractionally ours. These thoughts came to us because we were in a corresponding mood to notice, not notice, conform, or not conform.

Additionally, these things we said worth expressing and these things we did worth doing were initiated in the subconscious of our minds. Therefore, we only have to walk partially in the direction of our goals, and then jump, despite our confusion, to our greatest successes and our greatest expression of being. What we perform well and most flawlessly is what we have most conscientiously learned by dedicated practice, yes, practice—trial and error—and ultimately excellence emits from us as heat from the sun.

We experience these thoughts birthing thoughts continuously although they don’t always create inner alignment. We meet a new person. We now love this person. Love is brief, so we transition to marriage. Marriage is the wholeness that love desires—oblivious to what it needed. So we divorce. And then that cycle of thought produces that cycle of action—again and again.

Another example of thoughts birthing thoughts. We go to college, get degree after degree, so we can get a job. This job checks off all the boxes. Good pay! Great location! Nice people! In the field of study! Yet satisfaction is fleeting, so we seek a promotion, a new boss, or a new department and when all this fails, we sink, both mentally and emotionally, into a perpetual state of discontentment burdened by the necessity of the very job we chose.

Our authority to quit dismantles piece by piece with the cashing of every biweekly paycheck. And we truly believe that thought, “I can’t leave this job!,” which then births the thought, “I better take my butt to work.” But this belief that creates insane action (doing that which you don’t want to do when you have authority to do something different) is actually an intended result of a collective thought meant to birth a thought to bind your mind into a cycle of lost agency over your being. Have you lost your own mind in submission to the collective mind? And was this collective mind birth through education?

Was this loss of agency the main tenet of our “liberal education” and no one told us? The idiom “liberal education” once meant an education worthy to free humans. Education, I think, in its truest form is just that. Are we really free, though? We are free to educate ourselves and most of us make the decision to do just that— we choose to get an education. But an education as cultivated in our new age capitalistic system— a learning that enables humans to perform trades within professions to secure their living or to equip them for special positions in life—is servile. The irony of this slavish system is that the choice to be a slave is decided by the master that chooses to become one.

We must always be willing to educate ourselves with new thoughts. To disrupt an old system requires the building of a new one. That begins in your inner thoughts. And that means you have to exercise the courage to think a new thought that births a new thought or to take the path not travelled to create a new path to travel.

This one thing is true: life’s evolution is dependent on you evolving and sometimes that means unlearning. Unlearning is the only way to see the collective mind so that you can consciously participate in evolving it. As a sour drop of wine ruins the whole chalice, so does the slightest speck of truth stains our whole life. New truths are never isolated or just added as gems to our collection. When some tangible additions are made, we forget the old and learn anew the very things we thought we knew before.

Is it courageous or just stupid to think differently from the masses? What if in your dreams you see the world differently than how it is? Do you have the virtue to manifest your dreams? Do we even know how to use our own minds in a world so dominated by the collective mind? If being yourself is a kind of craft, are we master craftsmen or just disillusioned minority members directed by the collective mind?

ShonSpeaks is a managing member of the The Fleming-Bruce Law Firm, P.L.L.C. Also, she has her own blog at She is also a licensed and certified brain health professional.

If you are ready to start manifesting your life within the collective mind, check out Billy Carson’s video on How to Manifest Reality:




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