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Billy Carson on Advancing as a Civilization on Planet Earth

Billy Carson- a visionary, teacher, inventor, and philanthropist - has come a long way in trying to advance the world, one step at a time. After graduating from MIT and earning himself a certificate in Applied Neuroscience, Billy Carson has been devotedly sharing his power and knowledge to the world in various ways-making significant changes and impacting many lives nationwide to enlighten them in ways that they have never considered before.

Role of Billy Carson to Advance Civilization

From his earlier years, Carson has involved himself in various activities and projects that served as the building blocks to his final goal.

Working as Coach

At one point in his life, Carson had volunteered to become a basketball coach for the student players in Tequesta Trace Middle School in Weston, FL, and under his wing for three years, his involvement played a big role in leading the division championships. Later on, he made use of his coaching skills to train other players in Nova High School, where he volunteered to stay for three years serving as the assistant coach of the girls' basketball team. And with his years of coaching experience, his guidance had led the team to improve and win multiple champions throughout his time coaching them.

Philanthropic Actions

Besides providing his coaching experience to rise up the younger generation towards glory, he also made sure to provide a helping hand to millennials worldwide.

As the YMCA founding member, he and his family have donated more than $25,000 to kick start the establishment of the city's one and only YMCA multi-sports complex. Moreover, during the span of ten years, Billy Carson has also provided marketing services and the NCAA scouting to families worldwide. Companies that have been providing this service charge the athletes' parents $2500 on average. This way, his efforts have aided in generating scholarships for athletes that total over $12,000,000.

His care for humanity doesn't end there- he has also helped single mothers and their families nationwide by paying for their electric bills during the cold winter months in America- donating $10,000 for this cause. In addition to that, he has also partnered with "Helping Kids in Broward," which is a charity organization that has been providing underprivileged children with gifts on holidays.

Empowering with Knowledge

Billy Carson is also a best-selling author of one of his famous books, "The Compendium of The Emerald Tablets." The book's content provides readers with an in-depth understanding of ancient and profound knowledge- with journeys that discuss the history of the Emerald Tablets and decipher the mysteries within the old artifacts.

Creating Opportunities

Among his many significant achievements, Billy Carson is also the founder of the First Class Space Agency based in Lauderdale, Florida.

Currently, the space agency lacks launching capabilities, but it has been specializing in research and creating zero-point energy devices and alternative propulsion systems. Once these inventions are developed, it will enhance space travel exponentially and gain the potential to power all four corners of our planet.

Billy Carson is determined to reform the world by lending a hand to those in need and become a living proof that goodwill, hard work, dedication, and commitment are the keys to everlasting success.



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