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Billy Carson Helped To Change The Lives of Thousands of People Around the World

I came across this amazing information about Coach Billy Carson and I had to share it. He was really accomplished many things to be so young. If you need a role model, then look no further.

For over a decade the man come to be known affectionately as Coach Billy Carson has donated thousands of hours of his time and tens of thousands of dollars of his personal money to help others all around the world. This article highlights just a few of his selfless feats on philanthropy.

Coach Billy Carson’s philanthropic portfolio proves that an individual can change the world. Mr. Carson is the founder of Coach Billy Carson Inc and 4biddenknowledge Inc. Both are non profit corporations that were built for one purpose... To help people all over the world.

Founding Member Weston YMCA

Coach Billy Carson is a founding member of the YMCA in Weston, Florida. The Carson family donated over 25,000 to help establish the cities 1st and only YMCA multi sports facility. Mr. Carson also helped fund the building of the rock climbing wall in the youth center. Image attached.

Volunteer Hours

Mr. Carson also volunteered as a basketball coach for 3 years at Tequesta Trace Middle School in Weston, FL where he helped lead them to the schools first ever division championship since the schools inception. Mr. Carson then took his coaching talents to Nova High School where he volunteered as the assistant girls basketball coach from 2008 to 2011 where he helped lead the team to numerous first place tournament championships and eventually a trip to Lakeland, Florida to play for a state championship in 2009.

Power For Single Moms

Coach Billy Carson has paid over $10,000 in final notice electric bills for single mothers all across America during the winter months. Mr. Carson does not believe that a single mother and her children should have to suffer during the winter months. So he put together a program to help them keep the lights on. The single moms are required to send in a copy of the final notice along with online login information. If selected, Mr. Carson of 4biddenknowledge Inc pays the bill directly. For more information on this free service and the verification process click here:

School Supplies For Children

Coach Billy Carson has artnered with “Helping Kids In Broward” to help supply grade school children with over 2000 school back packs loaded with school supplies over the last 3 years. We participate annually. Schools That We Service: Sunland Park Elementary, Dillard Park Elementary, Liberty City Elementary, Charles Drew Elementary, West Hollywood Elementary. More information can be found here:

Holiday Gifts For Under Privileged Families

Coach Billy Carson has partnered with “Helping Kids In Broward” to help supply families with children with over 2000 gifts per year. Gifts are taken to local schools . We participate annually. Schools That We Service: Sunland Park Elementary, Dillard Park Elementary, Liberty City Elementary, Charles Drew Elementary, West Hollywood Elementary. More information can be found here:

NCAA Marketing Service For HS Athletes

For almost a decade Coach Billy Carson has provided NCAA scouting and marketing services to families nationwide. Most companies that provide this service charge the athletes parents $2,500 on average. Coach Billy Carson has NEVER charged a fee. Although his efforts have helped generate scholarships for athletes totaling over $12,00,000 - (Million). More information here:

Mobile Applications

Coach Billy Carson as developed and released two revolutionary mobile applications to the world. The first being the 4biddenknowledge mobile app. This application give the user access to a community of ancient knowledge, sacred knowledge, metaphysics, sacred geometry, spirituality, consciousness wisdom, current events, quantum physics, sciences, and knowledge of the universe.

The second application the Mr. Carson has developed is called “Wave Of Action”. The app provides extensive victim resources with assistance from the ACLU. Gain access to legal resources and engage a massive directory of attorneys complete with full contact information and tap to call. You can also take on the scene photos right in the app and save them as evidence. The app also streams live national brutality and misconduct news 24/7. Both applications can be found on iTunes and GooglePlay or on this link:!mobileapp/c1t44

We asked Coach Billy Carson what inspires people to act selflessly, help others, and make personal sacrifices? What motivates people to engage in what psychologists call “pro social behavior” things like making charitable contributions, buying gifts, volunteering one’s time, and so forth. Mr. Carson simply replied “You don’t need a reason to help somebody”.



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