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Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos funding a search for hidden resources beneath Greenland's ice

By: April Carson

Bezos and Gates are among a group of billionaires backing a firm that is searching for renewable energy in Greenland's melting ice.

Greenland's melting ice could hold precious and rare metals and minerals that can be used to create electric automobiles and sustainable batteries, according to a new startup called KoboBold Metals, which is powered by artificial intelligence.

The startup is being funded by some of the world's richest men, including Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos. KoboBold Metals is using machine learning algorithms to search for resources beneath Greenland's ice.

"We're searching for a discovery that will be one of the world's largest, most important nickel and cobalt deposits, and potentially capable of powering 100 million electric vehicles," according to a KoBold Metals spokesperson.

The company is also looking for lithium, which is used in batteries, and other minerals that are important for electric vehicles and renewable energy.

"This is a really big deal," said David Zurer, a partner at KoBold Ventures, the startup's venture capital firm. "It's not just about the minerals themselves, but it's also about the strategic importance of these minerals to the future of energy."

A team of 30 experts, including geologists, geophysicists, and pilots, is conducting an aerial survey of Disko Island and the Nuussuaq Peninsula in search of minerals and metals for batteries and electric vehicles. The region is thought to be rich in lithium, cobalt, and nickel.

"We are confident that we will find something," said Zurer. "It's just a question of how big."

The team is using a variety of techniques, including ground-penetrating radar and spectroscopy, to look for hidden mineral deposits.

Bluejay is a Canadian company that specializes in the exploration of rare metals from landfills. It's working with KoBold on the project. CNN stated it was the first media outlet to film the team's operations in Greenland, according to their report.

"This is one of the largest unexplored regions on Earth," said Zurer. "It's a frontier."

The region has been explored for oil and gas, but not for minerals.

"The terrain is very difficult to access," said Zurer. "You have these huge ice sheets covering the ground."

"Our generation's greatest challenge is to fully electrify the global economy," the KoBold representative said. "Collaborating with this large variety of world-class investors will help us identify vital materials for the EV revolution go faster."

According to CNN, the team in Greenland is employing AI to discover places for drilling that can begin next summer. In addition, soil samples are being taken and drones and helicopters are being used to examine the layers below the surface.

The resources being sought after are rare-earth metals, which are used in batteries, magnets and electric motors. China currently produces the majority of the world's supply of these materials, but Gates and Bezos hope to reduce dependence on that country.

"We are concerned by the effects and consequences of climate change in Greenland," Bo Møller Stensgaard, CEO of Bluejay Mining, told CNN. "However, in general, global climate changes have made exploration and mining in Greenland easier and more accessible."

If the team is successful, it could lead to a major breakthrough in electric vehicle production. And with Gates and Bezos on board, there's a good chance they'll find what they're looking for.

But not everyone is thrilled about the news. Some say that mining in Greenland would be a disaster for the environment.

"It is completely irresponsible to mine in one of the largest intact wilderness areas left on Earth," said Greenpeace UK's John Sauven. "It would be a disgraceful legacy to leave our children and grandchildren."

Others worry that the project could negatively impact local communities.

"It is not just the environmental impacts that we are concerned about," said Aqqaluk Lynge, chairman of Greenland's Inuit Ataqatigiit party. "It is also the social and economic impacts on our way of life and our culture."

Gates and Bezos are two of the richest men in the world, and their involvement in the project has some worried that it will further enrich them at the expense of others.

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