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Autonomous Drone Saves Patient Having Heart Attack with Defibrillator Delivery

A Swedish drone company named “Everdrone” says it has made medical history. It’s the first time a autonomous drone was used to deliver a defibrillator to a cardiac arrest patient.

Everdrone is a company whose operation focuses on “public safety and emergency response”. Everdrone’s purpose is to build drones that disrupt death’s call and save human lives.

A drone can get to a heart attack patient faster than an ambulance. And for a person having a heart attack every second counts and life and death are at stake.

On December 9, 2021, the Everdrone’s autonomous drone delivered a much-needed defibrillator to save a 71-year-old man who had suffered cardiac arrest while shoveling snow. At the same time, a man named Mustafa Ali was on his way to work at the local hospital when he looked out his window and saw a man collapsed in his driveway. Mustafa Ali happened to also be a doctor.

When Dr. Ali approached the 71-year-old-man that was collapsed on the cold snowy ground, he checked and found that the man did not have a pulse, so Dr. Ali started performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation. While performing CPR, Dr. Ali asked another man that was also nearby to call Swedish emergency number. Within 3 minutes of the call, Everdone’s autonomous drone was delivering a defibrillator.

And this delivery was right on time. And saved this man’s life. And this man has made a recovery.

A medical miracle delivered in autonomous drone style.

Everdrone was formed to tackle a problem of unnecessary loss of life due to delayed ambulance arrivals.

In Europe over 275,000 patients and in United States over 350,000 patients suffer from “out of hospital cardiac arrest” annually, which is most times stated as an acronym OHCA. About 70% of these OHCAs happen in places without automated external defibrillators.

Statistically, the chances of an OHCA patient’s survival decreases by 7-10% with each minute that passes. As a result, the survival rate of OHCA patients is around 10%. With Everdrone’s autonomous drone delivery service, this survival rate percentage can increase significantly.

This technology currently reaches almost 200,000 residents of Sweden and will be expanded to more locations in Europe in the coming year.

Autonomous drones can change the game for medical emergencies.

Autonomous drone technology can now proclaim that it has been used to save someone’s life.

What seems impossible is being turned possible everyday by technology and by each of us remembering our own unique why and being our own unique selves.

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