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As a 10th birthday present, the world's youngest billionaire receives another Lamborghini Aventador

By: April Carson

We've gotten somewhat used to going all out on "large" milestones like turning 30, 40, or 50... you get the idea. On Millionaire Mountain(TM), though, you have to start much earlier than that.

For the world's youngest billionaire, turning 10 was no exception. As a birthday present, he was gifted another Lamborghini Aventador - one of the most popular and expensive sports cars on the market.

So 10 appears to be a good place to start, especially if you've established a reputation and significant social media following based on your persona as the world's youngest billionaire. With his 10th birthday approaching, little Mompha recently received a brand new Lamborghini Aventador. We should assume so, right?

Though he is yet to reach the $1 million milestone, Mompha Jr. is usually known as the youngest billionaire in the world, despite being only 10 years old. It's still impressive, even for a kid who turned 10 this year and reportedly owns an entire fleet of supercars and multiple mansions in his name. Thanks to his caring and ever-generous father, The Mirror says that his vehicle collection has grown bigger.

Mompha Sr. is Ismailia Mustapha, a businessman and influencer who splits his time between Nigeria and Dubai. He has an estimated net worth of NGN 8 billion, which translates to approximately US$19.2 million at the current rate, so he's not a billionaire (or at least not in the sense we're used to thinking about billionaires). Still, he can certainly afford to buy his son a new Aventador for his birthday.

The youngest billionaire in the world is not without his own controversies, however. In 2019, Mompha Jr. was criticized for flaunting his wealth on social media and living a lavish lifestyle while much of Nigeria suffers from poverty. Nevertheless, he remains one of the most popular and wealthiest young people in the country.

The life of the rich and famous is being lived out by Mompha Sr. on social media, and his feed perfectly illustrates it. He's frequently bragging about his private jets, gorgeous automobiles, gilded mansions, and designer suits while simultaneously suggesting that his son is following in his footsteps, apparently making money left and right. The caption of the photo he posted about buying his first mansion for his son reads, among other things, that "the sensation of home ownership couldn't be quantified in money," and that he was responsible for teaching him how to drive. He also purchased Mompha Jr.'s first car, a cream Bentley Flying Spur.

He revealed his son's birthday with a stunning yellow $367,000 Lamborghini Aventador, which can be seen in the Instagram embed below. Naturally, because we're talking about billionaires (whether they're make-believe or not), we're supposed to know that this extravagant present was just one of the many presents he received.

Not that we're against it: if anybody can afford such a spectacular automobile, great for them. There's nothing wrong with encouraging your children to have the same enthusiasm for whatever you have. But it does appear as though Mompha Sr. acquired the Aventador some time before his landmark birthday, and he merely utilized it as a prop for his son's lavish celebration.

To further emphasize the point that not all glitter is gold, or Aventador-shaped, on social media, this year's Mompha Senior was re-arrested for fraud and money laundering through an internet scam. The younger Mompha has also gone offline on social media, so it appears that we won't be able to tell if he's driving his new gift anytime soon. Still, it's a nice thought, and we hope young Mompha has a very happy 10th birthday.

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