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Are We All Hypnotists?

A conversation with a Hypnotherapist

When you think about Hypnosis, what comes to mind? Is it something that you need to participate in willingly or does it happen without you knowing? What would you say if you found out that you are hypnotized in different ways without knowing?

I previously listened in on a conversation with a Hypnotherapist. I Hypnotherapist is a psychotherapist that facilitates suggestion, reeducation, or analysis by hypnosis. It is found that there is a distinction in hypnosis that may pique interest when it comes to suggestions and healing. The objective of hypnotherapy is in the name but many still think that all hypnosis is the same. There is a difference when hypnosis is performed by multimedia or at a show, vs a session with a hypnotherapist.

In order for hypnosis to be the most effective, the person must be willing to participate. It is a fact that hypnosis is a regular part of their lives. On a daily basis, we self-hypnotize all the time. If you have ever been driving on a long stretch and zoned out. You have hypnotized yourself. Other forms of self-hypnotism are through music, dance, and sex.

They understand how to hypnotize you when watching TV. The universal language that is music bypasses the critical factor and goes directly into the subconscious mind. This is what gives you the emotion and notion to dance, bob your head, or tap your foot naturally. The critical factor was bypassed because when the feeling takes over your conscious mind it does not try to rationalize what is happening. Therefore it bypasses straight into the subconscious mind to create a feeling.

Even those who are unaware of hypnosis and those who are nonbelieving in hypnosis. Still hypnotize each other every day. If you've ever been in a relationship, you were hypnotized or else you wouldn't give that person any attention. In a male-female relationship, the fact that you gave that man your attention. He was able to hold your attention with the words he spoke. In the hood, we call that "game", but his game was actually hypnosis.

What is "game"?

The "game" is knowledge. Game is what is used when you see commercials about your foods that become your favorite, medical advertisements, vacations, and public announcements. What did the man in the relationship have the knowledge of? The knowledge of how to speak to a woman or the people in their target group. Pertaining to the dating example, If he didn't know how to speak to a woman, she wouldn't even look his way again. All hypnosis is, is proper communication.

The mind functions off commands or suggestions. If the right things are suggested by a potential mate then you will give them your number. If he doesn't say the right things, then you will say that he is not the right type and walk away because he did not properly communicate with you. This is the same for television, radio, social media scrolling, and other things that are set in place for consumers. It either communicates a need or want to you. Then you act on it or walk away.

By that theory aren't we all looking for something or someone to hypnotize us?

Everyone is looking to be hypnotized.

In meeting a hypnotherapist some say that they don’t want to be hypnotized. People don't realize that they are already hypnotized. They have been hypnotized and put in a trance called fear. The state of fear from someone that fed the misconceptions on the subject of hypnosis. This is why you fear, so you don't have to be hypnotized. A hypnotherapist's job is not to hypnotize you. It is to de-hypnotize you from what you've already hypnotized yourself into. Most of the time a person has a response to something that was never real to them. It was experienced through everyday hypnosis.

Your brain can only do what you observe and tell it to do. It is only meant to think so when you put commands into the brain. Your brain is going to take that and give it to you and make it your reality. There are only two options your mind has either to do or don't. The mind never tries. If the mind tries it does not.

So, what commands are you being hypnotized with? Now that you know that hypnosis is done in many ways by many people, especially yourself. What are the precautions you will take to make sure you are receiving the commands that will benefit you? If you have found that you have some things that do not serve you. Maybe contacting a hypnotherapist will better redirect those things that are holding you in an unwanted trance.

The interview for this blog was done with Master Hypnotherapist Soulvyber and services can be found at

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