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Archaeologists discovered ancient tombs and mummification workshops in Egypt

By: April Carson

It has been announced by Egypt that they have discovered two of the largest workshops which were used to mummify human and animal corpses in ancient times.

Mostafa Waziri, the secretary-general of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities, reported that two tombs and two workshops have been uncovered in Saqqara, a large Pharaonic graveyard located south of Cairo. "The tombs could be from the end of the 6th Dynasty, which was 4,300 years ago," Waziri said.

It is believed that these workshops were used to store tools and implements used in mummification; a process which was incredibly important to ancient Egyptians who believed their souls would need their bodies for eternal life. Evidence suggests that these 2 tombs are among the most comprehensive ever discovered, containing a variety of items such as oils, waxes, pottery vessels and even dried plant material.

The discovery also indicates that there may have been more than one workshop at Saqqara. This means that it is likely that many other such mummification facilities existed throughout Egypt during this period of time.

The Egyptian state newspaper, Al-Ahram reported that according to Waziri, the embalming workshops are from the 30th Dynasty (380-343 BC) and the Ptolemaic period (305-30 BC).

The recent discoveries will no doubt be of great interest to archeologists and those with an interest in ancient Egyptian history. It is sure to provide us with a detailed insight into the practices of mummification, which was so important to Ancient Egypt.

According to Al-Ahram, the first workshop is a rectangular building that has several rooms with stone beds. These stone beds are used for mummifying the deceased and measure 2 meters (6.6 feet) in length and 50 centimeters (20 inches) in width.

Archaeologists have uncovered both the tools utilized by ancient Egyptians to meticulously extract internal organs from bodies and the canopic jars that were used to preserve them. This valuable find offers us an intriguing glimpse into the customs and practices of this remarkable civilization.

The second workshop also had clay pots and animal burials, as per Al-Ahram. It was observed that this workshop had "five stone beds," which were not similar to the ones detected in the workshop used for human embalming.

Interestingly, the mummification workshop outside the tomb of King Djehuty, which dates back to 4,500 years ago, was also discovered in Saqqara. This has provided us with vital insight into how ancient Egyptians carefully preserved their dead.

Archaeologists found a tomb in the necropolis that is named after a top official called Ne Hesut Ba. It is 4,400 years old and dates back to the fifth dynasty. Waziri said it is one of the most beautiful tombs they have come across. This was in addition to the two workshops that were also discovered.

Waziri stated that Ne Hesut Ba was a high priest for the Goddess Maat and oversaw the construction of irrigation canals. He referred to Ne Hesut Ba's tomb as "important." "The tomb is distinguished by its beautiful colors, including dark blue, blue, green and yellow," he noted.

According to Waziri, the tomb of Men Kheber Ra, a Qadish priest, is 3,400 years old. In January 2021, a range of ancient artifacts, such as coffins, burial sites, and a funeral temple were discovered in Saqqara.

The discovery of these tombs and workshops shows us just how deeply embedded ancient beliefs and customs were in Egyptian life. It allows us to take a peek into the sophisticated mummification process and gain insight into the spiritual practices of this fascinating ancient civilization. "This discovery will help us to understand how the ancient Egyptians used their tools and implements to prepare bodies for the afterlife," Waziri said.

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