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An ivory carving featuring a sphinx dating back 2,800 years has been uncovered in Turkey

By: April Carson

In a remarkable archaeological discovery, a team of researchers in Turkey has unearthed an intricately carved ivory artifact dating back 2,800 years. The find, located in what is believed to have been an Iron Age "center of power," reveals a fascinating blend of mythological symbolism and historical significance. The carved elephant tusk showcases a mythical sphinx, a real lion, and two towering plants that may represent the mythical "tree of life." This discovery sheds light on the rich cultural and historical tapestry of the region.

The Artifact:

The centerpiece of this discovery is an exquisitely crafted ivory carving featuring a mythical sphinx – a creature with the head of a human and the body of a winged lion. This amalgamation of human and animal characteristics has long been a symbol of power and mystery in various cultures throughout history. Accompanying the sphinx are depictions of a real lion and two tall plants, possibly representing the mythical "tree of life." The level of detail and craftsmanship displayed in the carving speaks to the artistic prowess of the ancient civilization that produced it.

Historical Context:

What makes this finding particularly intriguing is its placement within the archaeological layers above the remains of the Bronze Age Hittite capital of Hattusa. The Hittites abandoned Hattusa around 1200 B.C., during the Late Bronze Age collapse. Despite the Hittites' departure, the Iron Age settlement at the site continued to thrive, as evidenced by the discovery of this ivory artifact. According to Andreas Schachner, an archaeologist with the German Archaeological Institute, the presence of such a significant piece of artwork suggests that the Iron Age settlement was a key hub, even though it emerged in the aftermath of the Hittite abandonment.

Symbolism and Significance:

The symbology embedded in the ivory carving provides valuable insights into the beliefs and cultural practices of the people who once inhabited this ancient center of power. The sphinx, a symbol of strength and enigma, may have held deep significance in the spiritual or political ideologies of the Iron Age inhabitants. The inclusion of the real lion and the depiction of the "tree of life" further enrich the narrative, connecting the artifact to broader themes of life, power, and the eternal cycle of existence.

Implications for Archaeology:

The discovery challenges our understanding of the timeline of human habitation at Hattusa. Uncovering such a well-preserved artifact from the Iron Age atop the remnants of the Hittite capital raises questions about the continuity of cultural practices and the adaptive nature of civilizations over time. Archaeologists and historians are now tasked with unraveling the complex layers of history that have shaped this region, shedding light on the transitions and transformations that occurred during this pivotal period.

The unearthing of the 2,800-year-old ivory carving in Turkey opens a window into the mysteries of an ancient Iron Age settlement built upon the foundations of a deserted Bronze Age capital. As researchers delve deeper into the symbolic language etched into the artifact, a clearer picture of the cultural, spiritual, and historical landscape of the region begins to emerge.

This discovery not only enriches our understanding of the past but also sparks further exploration and inquiry into the intricate tapestry of human civilization that once thrived in this enigmatic corner of the world.

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