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An Inside Look at Billy Carson’s TV Network, 4BiddenKnowledge

Billy Carson is a man with an ambition- a goal he is trying to achieve as a visionary, author, inventor, and philanthropist. For years now, he has tried to bring about changes in humanity through his selfless acts of empowering the people of the world with the secret knowledge that surrounds them in their everyday life.

He has shared his knowledge on various historical topics through his best-selling book, "The Compendium of the Emerald Tablets" and the "4biddenknowledge.Inc"

His book, "The Compendium of the Emerald Tablets," provides the reader with a deeper knowledge of the ancient civilization. The book focuses on the exciting journey that discusses the secrets behind the emerald tablets and uncovering the mysteries that have been left untouched for centuries.

Aside from his book, Billy Carson is also the founder of the 4biddenknowledge.Inc- through which he took a bold step and began to launch a streaming TV network that was unlike anything that had been provided by the market before.

The is truly one of a kind show. It is a TV network that is systemized in such a way that it provides viewers with extensive knowledge on diverse topics around the world. For example, documentaries, perceptive lectures, workshops, and cooking shows are unique in every aspect from all over the globe, which are then streamed on This way, it ensures that the viewers are exposed to an extensive range of new incoming information.

Billy Carson has hopes that through this platform, many of the audience can broaden their horizons, educate themselves, and elevate their consciousness to function at optimal levels. The overall purpose of this forum is to provide the audience with family content and in the process, make them aware of how there is so much to learn out there in the universe that is just waiting to be acknowledged by them.

One of the best things about the is that you can access it on multiple platforms. The TV network has been approved and become available on Roku, iOS, Android, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV, which serves as validation of the authenticity of the content being shown on the network and increasing the number of views generated on this forum.

Moreover, to further increase the network's views, Billy Carson has spent a lot of time to create an app for the network- which is now available to the audience to view the streams while on the go easily.

Billy Carson is also responsible for hosting several shows that are streamed on the network. He has had the chance to gain screen time on Travel Channel and Discovery Channel in which both of them he extensively goes into the details about the underlying history behind space and the Earth.

He has also had the honor to join a panel of several scholars worldwide and talk about the historical aspects of the Earth while deciphering and analyzing the Ancient Civilizations, their common language, and the documented history that has been recorded throughout its time.

What sets apart from other networks is that there are many scholars present on one platform that ensures the crowd that the information they are learning through this network is authentic and well researched.



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