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According to scientists, there may be "humans" all over the universe

By: April Carson

Humans may not be alone in the universe after all, according to a new study. There's a decent chance we're sharing our galaxy with aliens who look just like us - at least on the outside.

The study analyzed data from 1,000 galaxies and concluded that about 50 percent of sun-like stars are likely to have one potentially habitable planet. If that's true, it means there are about 10 billion worlds in the Milky Way galaxy alone where humans may be living out their intergalactic dreams. Imagine if future humans are able to explore other planets and discover even more people.

According to one University of Cambridge astrobiologist, that may be a more likely possibility than you would think.

An evolutionary paleobiologist at the institution's Department of Earth Sciences, Simon Conway Morris, stated in a new interview with the BBC's Science Focus magazine that researchers can "with reasonable confidence" conclude that human-like evolution has taken place elsewhere in the cosmos.

Morris' basic idea stems from the theory of convergent evolution, which suggests that, as Science Focus put it, "random effects eventually average out, leading to similar creatures in any given environment." The publication employed the case of flight, which has evolved independently on Earth at least four times — in birds, bats, insects, and pterosaurs.

In a nutshell, convergent evolution theory holds that evolution is a law of nature – and, as a logical conclusion, it's likely that similar events would occur on other planets as they do here on Earth. To put it another way, under this scenario, the blue and green alien humanoids you see on "Star Trek" could be real.

Morris isn't the only Cambridge guy who thinks that aliens might have developed in a manner "similar to humans."

Arik Kershenbaum, a zoologist at the prestigious British university, produced a tome on the subject of extraterrestrial evolution.

He acknowledged that there are striking similarities between human beings and "other animals" on Earth, but cautioned against drawing any firm conclusions about the possibility of alien life.

We live in a world filled with all kinds of creatures – some very similar to each other, others so different as to be unimaginable.

“Because evolution is the explanatory mechanism for life across the world,” Kershenbaum said to Quanta magazine earlier this year, “then the concepts we discover on Earth should be applicable in other places as well.”

According to Kershenbaum, while it's "alluring" to think of non-human races with different cultural interests than humans, such as philosophy and literature, we must remember that they didn't just emerge out of nowhere as sophisticated technological beings. Even alien lifeforms with greater technology than humans would have had to come from a pre-technological species, according to Kershenbaum.

“If that pre-technological species went on to develop all of the things we have today, it's likely that they were built on similar blocks — such as bonding among group members, information transmission and innovative ideas sharing between group members — because they serve the same purpose. A pre-technological alien civilization could be singing and dancing and telling tales just like ours before did, since they served the same function.”

The scientists say that since these aliens are bound to have developed on a planet, the first signs of lifeforms would not be far from Homo Sapiens. Still, extraterrestrial beings could also be hiding in plain sight among humans if they had escaped Earth and hid on another planet.

The idea of other places where humanoid creatures, as stated by Kershenbaum, are "singing and dancing and telling stories" is appealing. And if the laws of evolution, like as claimed by Darwinists such as Kershenbaum and Morris, are as powerful, not only do we have a greater propensity to relate to and communicate with aliens but we also have an increased risk of feuding with them.

Non-technological civilizations could also pose a threat, said Kershenbaum. “You may find out that your neighbor is an extraterrestrial but he’s not peaceful since you're encroaching on his territory."

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