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According to Scientists, The Human "Soul" Does Not Die, But Rather "Returns to The Universe"

By: April Carson

Human beings are biological computers and their consciousness is just software that runs on the "bio quantum computer" in our brains.

What if you're not here anymore? Humans aren't just meat robots with artificial intelligence: they're souls living inside a physical body, interacting through thoughts to produce an Experience of Life - so when death comes for us all again—as it inevitably will one day-we may return back into cosmic energy patterns without dying at all!

If you ask scientists about the soul, they'll most likely tell you that a discussion regarding the existence and immortality of the soul has gone on for centuries among universal thinkers.

The human soul has long been one of the most elusive and enigmatic things to understand. From different scientific fields trying their best, there is still no concrete understanding about what it really means or how souls function in humans beings - until now!

This study has opened doors to a lot of questions. A group of researchers think they've made new progress: the mind doesn't cease when we die; instead, our consciousness fades back into space as an echo of a distant memory that will never forget its origins because you can't remove yourself from who you were once was.

Is there any proof?

The evidence for the quantum theory of consciousness is all around you. Stuart Hameroff, an American Physicist and Emeritus in the Department of Anesthesiology and Psychology worked with Sir Roger Penrose on this concept to indicate that human souls are real within our brain cells' microtubules which would make up part or perhaps even most so-called "soul" characteristics common across religion lines as well!

Consciousness is not limited to our physical bodies, and in fact the brain might only be one component. In an interview with Science Channel’s “Through The Wormhole: Documentary,” Dr. Hameroff says that when we die our consciousness may continue on through microtubules within cells which lose their quantum state after death - this would allow it some form of immortality or at least longevity outside your body while still being able have contact!

“If the patient is resuscitated, revived, this quantum information can go back into the microtubules. The patient claims to have had a near-death experience if they are resurrected. If they aren't resuscitated and the person dies, it's conceivable that this quantum information may persist outside of the body as a soul.”

The Soul

The theory of consciousness put forth by Hameroff and Penrose is based on quantum theory, which holds that our soul’s essence lies within structures called microtubules inside brain cells. They argue the human brain can be thought of as a biological computer with an associated program or set of instructions known as "consciousness."

This “program," so to speak, continues even after death through some sort spiritual energy manifestation medium for example when someone dies their eyes may change colors depending on how they felt while alive- this manifesting process would involve memory retention after bodily demise. The scientists add that the consciousness humans understand is really a consequence of quantum gravity's influence on the brain's "microtubules."

This procedure, dubbed Orch-OR by the researchers, is a mechanism for coordinating objective reduction. According to their theory, when individuals pass through a stage known as "clinical death," microtubules in their brains lose their quantum state.

This means they enter a state in which reality becomes "fuzzy." The person's thoughts, memories, and consciousness are thus freed from the constraints of space and time.

Bottom Line

"The origin of consciousness reflects our place in the cosmos, as well as our fundamental nature. Did consciousness originate from intricate computations performed by brain neurons, as most scientists argue? Or has conscious-ness, in some sense, always existed, according to spiritual beliefs?" Hameroff and Penrose ask in their current paper.

“This opens the possibility of a Pandora's box, but our hypothesis takes into account both viewpoints, suggesting that consciousness is produced by quantum vibrations in microtubules and protein polymers within brain neurons, which control both neuronal and synaptic performance while connecting brain processes to self-organizing processes at the fine scale.”






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