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According to Scientists, Earth is Surrounded By a Huge Magnetic Tunnel

By: April Carson

A new study from an international team of researchers has revealed the true nature of long-known perplexing celestial features. The authors of the work suggested that Earth may be encircled by a vast magnetic tunnel that includes not just our star system but also neighboring stars.

Is our planet trapped in an undetectable magnetic tunnel?

The authors note that the North Polar Spur (observed in the northern part of the Milky Way) and the fan-shaped area at opposite ends of the sky visible to us may be linked by magnetized filaments. These events build a huge magnetic tunnel that encompasses not just our Solar System but also neighboring star systems throughout space.

The Gemini Telescopes' twin anomalies, which were discovered by the astronomy team in 2014, have been recognized since the 1960s. By the way, West claims that the project's new study was inspired by a 1965 article. Radio astronomy was still in its infancy at that time. The authors of the paper were astronomers Matthewson and Milne, who noticed the interference in the constellation Cygnus for which they were able to suggest no explanation. Many astronomers dismissed their observations as far-fetched, but recently, it has become apparent that the phenomenon is real.

The astronomers were unable to explain what could cause such constant changes in the radio emissions of stars, so they simply wrote that it was an "unidentified radio source". They observed the same thing in many other stars, which led to the idea that they may be signals from extraterrestrial civilizations. These signals can now be explained as an immense tunnel of magnetic forces surrounding Earth, 10 kilometers thick and 40-50 AU in diameter.

However, when we examined this rudimentary information, we discovered that polarized radio signals might resemble a huge tunnel when observed from the Local Bubble (a region of ultra-heated gas in the interstellar medium within the Orion Arm in our galaxy). Contemporaries did not believe it. It was eventually forgotten over time. In fact, astronomers have now verified this hypothesis.

Dr. Claudius Gros, a theoretical physicist at Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany, explains that "it was an ironic twist of fate" because the radio telescope data suggested the presence of something that was not there. The results are controversial because they contradict traditional views on extraterrestrial civilizations.

It's also noteworthy, according to West, that no previous study has linked the two edifices. However, such a connection is proved in the new research – it's referred to as radio loops that fill up the gap between two opposing ends of the sky and connect these two areas.

The scientists point out that the tunnels are an example of a physical phenomenon known as a "magnetic braided flux tube," which is a type of invisible magnetic field thread, similar to the material used in women's shoes.

New simulations have been generated

Scientists have created a computer model that incorporates data from ground-based telescope observations to check this or that. They then conducted an experiment, generating a form of "radio sky" that the naked eye couldn't see. This allowed them to obtain a sense of what the sky would look like if two opposed structures were linked by magnetic strands.


Researchers investigated a variety of factors in order to determine the most dependable scenario. As a consequence, experts determined that the nearest distance between our solar system and these wonders is around 350 light-years. The team's magnetic tunnel length was also estimated at 1000 light-years.

Consistent with other studies

According to the study's authors, the data they obtained are in agreement with other, more precise estimates. They provide an example of a previous estimate for the North Pole Spur, which was based on data from Gaia Space Telescope and determined that it was approximately 500 light-years away.




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