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A Woman's Privacy Violated When Her Roomba took Unauthorized pictures and they ended up online

By: April Carson

In a shocking turn of events, a robot vacuum cleaner took pictures of an unsuspecting woman seated on the toilet which were then shared online via Facebook.

With no warning, the iRobot Roomba robot vacuum went into the bathroom and took private pictures of a woman which were then shared in exclusive online groups. As if this wasn’t enough, the pictures then ended up on social media and went viral.

A development version of the cleaning robot snatched up a team from around the globe and conveyed them to Scale AI, a software start-up. The contracted workers' obligation was to classify data that would subsequently be utilized for training artificial intelligence programs, such as robotic vacuums.

By obtaining visuals of their environment, robots can more accurately chart the home and evade obstacles while understanding the dimensions of a given room; effectively allowing them to optimize their cleaning pattern. Last year in 2020, Venezuelan contractors began circulating these images on Facebook and Discord – an observation made public by MIT Technology Review this past Monday.

It was privy to screenshots of the private snapshots from inside online communities all over Asia, Europe and North America, in addition to other visuals taken within homes.

The photographs featured a wide range of content and emotional depth. The most personal photo we witnessed was the set of video frames showcasing the young woman on the toilet; in spite of her face being blurred out in the lead image, it became clearly visible after scrolling down to view more grainy pictures below. As noted by our review team.

In response to the review, iRobot explained that their development version of Roombas had been distributed among employees and paid contractors who signed an agreement stipulating that any data collected, including video recordings, would be used for training purposes.

The violation of this woman's privacy has sparked a global debate on the potential ways in which the use of autonomous robots, like the Roomba, could be misused. It is unclear whether these snapshots were obtained intentionally or accidentally by an individual with malicious intent.

The company declared that the cleaning robots carried a visible, "video recording in progress" signal of bright green, and it was up to those around to remove any material they may deem sensitive from areas where the robot would be active - such as locations with children present.

Upon the discovery of unauthorized data being shared, iRobot CEO Colin Angle decisively took action and informed MIT Technology Review: 'iRobot has ended its relationship with the service provider responsible for this leak, is thoroughly investigating the situation, and will take all necessary steps to ensure it does not happen again.'

The company also confirmed that this isolated incident was not linked to any other security issues, and they have taken further measures to ensure their customers' privacy is safeguarded moving forward.

The incident is an important reminder that when we are utilizing new technology, it’s essential to be aware of the implications and potential risks. The ability of a Roomba to take pictures may not have been a feature initially advertised by iRobot, but it's still a consideration that needs to be taken into account - especially as these technologies become smarter, more integrated into our daily lives, and less "stupid" than they used to be.

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