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A Wisconsin nurse is accused of amputating a patient's foot without permission for shop display

By: April Carson

A Wisconsin nurse has been criminally charged after she allegedly amputated a dying patient’s foot without permission and then told coworkers she planned to display the body part in her family’s taxidermy shop.

Last week, 38-year-old Mary K. Brown was indicted with physically abusing an elderly person which led to great bodily harm, as well as mayhem. A criminal complaint from WQOW stated that Brown is a hospice nurse at the Spring Valley Health and Rehab Center where she was taking care of a 62-year-old male patient suffering from frostbite.

According to the complaint, on January 20th, Brown asked a coworker for help in moving the patient’s bed. During this time, she allegedly told the coworker that she planned on cutting off the patient’s foot and taking it home to preserve in her family’s taxidermy business.

By March of this year, the patient was admitted to our facility in a critical condition. By May, we determined that he was close to death. The cause? "Severe frostbite" on both feet from exposure to extreme cold after his home's heat went out, according to the criminal complaint.

The victim told police that while he was in the hospital, Brown asked him several times if she could take one of his feet home with her.

On May 27, after a man's right foot had become necrotic and was only attached to the body by skin and tendons, Brown amputated it according to witnesses who told investigators.

According to WQOW, the man never requested nor was given permission from a doctor to have his foot amputated.

Brown was charged after the medical examiner's office contacted investigators in June. The body had been sent to the county medical examiner due to "the unusual circumstances of his death," the news station reported.

Brown explained to police that if she were in the same position as her patient, she would have wanted the amputation for comfortability purposes.

"I know that if it was me laying there, I would want somebody to do the same for me. I wouldn't want to suffer," Brown said, according to the criminal complaint obtained by WQOW.

The nurse who was present in the room during the amputation said that she was holding the patient’s hand. According to her report, his grip became tight and he moaned during the procedure. Another nurse told investigators with the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office that after the amputation, she spoke to him and he said that it hurt and that feel everything.

Another nurse said the amputation was not performed correctly.

Brown told other nurses, according to allegations, that her family owns a taxidermy shop. She apparently wanted to preserve the foot and place it in the store with a sign reading "wear your boots, kids." Spring Valley Senior Living and Health Care's Kevin Larson told WQOW that Brown is no longer employed at said health center.

Larson said in a statement to the news station: "The former employee's actions are alleged to have taken place without the knowledge of our staff or management. As soon as we learned of these disturbing allegations, we terminated the employee and contacted state regulatory agencies. We are cooperating fully with their investigation."

On Wednesday morning, he commented to Fox News Digital that, "The person identified is not employed with our community," adding that they have and will continue cooperating fully with the investigation.

Brown's court date is set for Dec. 6. If convicted, she faces up to 10 years in prison and a $25,000 fine.

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