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A substitute teacher in Illinois allegedly gave a student a black eye and broke his finger

By: April Carson

An altercation between two students led to a substitute teacher getting involved--and things got heated.

Brandon Cole, a 14-year-old student from Jack Benny Middle School in Waukegan, Illinois recounts an event from earlier this week. He says it started when he and another student got into a fight.

Instead of calming the argument as one would expect, a substitute then intervened and allegedly made things worse by punching Cole and fracturing one of his fingers.

The student shared with CBS Chicago, "I'm really scared right now because my teacher hit me in the face. Broke my finger, bruised my face."

"The school system is not only failing to protect students, they are now actively hurting them," said Kevin O'Connor.

According to the Lake and McHenry County Scanner, O’Connor stated that “Instead of the teacher breaking it up, the teacher escalated it and ended up punching and assaulting him.”

The teen’s mother, Natasha Cade, spoke on what had happened during a school board meeting Tuesday night.

Cade said, "I want to know why this teacher is still allowed to be substitute teaching with the track record that he has. Look at his face and tell me how you think I should feel,” Cade inquired, according to CBS Chicago.

The many board members present spoke out about the altercation with sincere outrage.

“Our policy is either zero-tolerance, or it isn't. We can't condone adults putting their hands on kids,” Waukegan School Board President Brandon Ewing noted clearly, CBS Chicago reports. "I'm going to go hydrogen bomb," school board member Anita Hanna said, according to the outlet.

Superintendent Theresa Plascencia spoke directly with Brandon, saying: "Whatever we can do to support you, we'll be here for you. No one ever has the right to put their hands on you — no matter what happened today."

The school district is currently investigating the incident.

"Our policy is either zero-tolerance, or it isn't. We can't condone adults putting their hands on kids," Waukegan School Board President Brandon Ewing said in response to the news.

WGN9 reports that Plascencia also stated, “I can guarantee you the employee in question will never work at our school again. Even though investigations by external authorities are still ongoing, we cannot discuss any details about the fight publicly. The safety and security of our students has always been--and continues to be--our number one priority."

The news outlet stated that the teacher was arrested on Tuesday. The Waukegan Police Department has yet to comment publicly on the situation.

The District has not released the name of the teacher. It is unclear if the teacher has a lawyer who can speak on their behalf at this time.

The District said in a statement that they are "deeply troubled" by the allegations against the teacher. They added that the teacher has been removed from their list of approved substitutes and is no longer allowed to work in the district.

"The safety and well-being of our students has always been--and continues to be--our number one priority," the statement said.

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