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A Previously Unknown Human Population Has Been Discovered

By: April Carson

Paleogeneticists examined sediments from the Georgian cave of Satsurblia and discovered wolf, bison, and human DNA fragments dating back 25,000 years. The woman whose DNA was investigated belonged to an unknown hominid species.

The study of ancient DNA has revolutionized the understanding of human history. The paleogenetic field has blossomed in recent years, with DNA being found in cave sediments. This is especially vital when no bone remains are present. At the same time, this technique enables researchers to examine how various species of people populated the same cave at different times.

Similar research has now shown that the Denisovans arrived in Altai more than 200,000 years ago before the Neanderthals, who made at least two migrations from east to west. Experts have discovered DNA from a mystery human race in a woman's remains.

There are a large number of Paleolithic sites in Georgia's territory, and they date back to ancient times. Dmanisi is the most prominent site in Georgia, known particularly for its association with early humans and Neanderthals.

In western Georgia, one of the Late Upper Paleolithic sites is the Satsurblia Cave. During excavations in this cave, which dates from 13.1-13.4 thousand years ago, a person's right temporal bone was discovered. He was a hunter-gatherer from the Caucasus who lived 9,000 years ago.

Geneticists have recently discovered that he was part of a Caucasian hunting-gathering group that had an enormous influence on many European cultures, notably the Yamnaya archaeological culture.

The Ancient Findings

The team found and analyzed DNA from six sediment samples taken at the Upper Paleolithic Satsurbia site, dating back to the last glacial maximum (about 25 thousand years ago), collected by Dr. Pere Gelabert from the University of Vienna, together with researchers from across the world.

According to scientists, most of the Caucasus's karst cave systems have low and constant year-round temperatures and low acidity, allowing ancient specimens to survive.

A sufficient number of DNA fragments were found in the examined specimens. Scientists have discovered human (Homo sapiens), wolf (Canis lupus), and bison (Bison bonasus) DNA, suggesting that each species is likely represented by many individuals. The remains of a female (or several females) from an unknown species of modern humans apparently included part of the human genome.

According to a DNA study of wolves, they are the most basal Eurasian wolf and dog lineage yet discovered, and they represent a previously unknown, probably extinct Caucasian line. In addition, bison were shown to be basal in comparison to contemporary populations.

DNA Fragments

The researchers compared the woman's genome from the unknown human population at the Satsurblia site to data from the Dzudzuana cave's remains, confirming their genetic tie. This confirms that the DNA fragments are ancient.

The two distinct ancient human lineages discovered in the Caucasus previously were unique from the rest of the Pleistocene and Early Holocene diversity, according to past study.

The genomes of the Upper Paleolithic (about 13.3 thousand years ago) from Satsurblia cave and the Mesolithic (9.7 thousand years ago) at Kotias Klde Cave suggest that they are relatives of the Caucasian hunter-gatherers who separated from western populations about 45 000 years ago.

The second line, which is considerably older, was represented by information on two people from Dzudzuana cave who lived approximately 26 thousand years ago. It eventually affected the populations of Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa.

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