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A miraculous breast implant saved a woman's life after being shot at close range

By: April Carson

Miraculously, a woman who was shot at close range in the chest survived due to her silicone breast implants. According to doctors, this is a prime example of how these type of implants can save lives. The results of the incident showed that the implants had created a shield between the bullet and her vital organs.

In a groundbreaking case study released by the SAGE medical journal last week, researchers detailed how silicone breast implants prevented tragedy by deflecting a bullet away from vital organs of a 30-year old woman. Such an incredible outcome illustrates just how strong these implants are and their potential to save lives in the future. The study also noted that breast implants have been known to reduce the severity of other injuries from trauma, such as blunt force chest trauma.

An occurrence that transpired in Toronto, Canada two years ago is only one of a few incidences found within medical literature where an implant preserved someone's life. Extraordinarily, the patient was guarded by a silicone breast insert - something noted for the first time ever - according to Giancarlo McEvenue’s statement to CNN. McEvenue is a plastic surgeon and one of the authors of the study.

Miraculously, the woman was saved by her silicone implant which had deflected the bullet's course. Doctors speculated that this physical barrier blocked an otherwise fatal shot. Imprints of the bullet, which had been lodged in the implant, were seen on multiple X-rays. After examining the scans, doctors discovered that it had gone through the patient's sternum and rib cage.

Two varieties of breast implants are authorized for sale in the United States: silicone-enveloped, either saline or silicone gel filled. The size, shell thickness and texture, and shape of each implant varies according to individual needs; generally implanted for augmentation purposes or as a means to restore breasts affected by mastectomy or other damage.

Despite the lack of clarity surrounding the event, Dr. McEvenue informed CNN that a gunshot victim arrived at their local emergency department seeking medical attention after being struck in the chest. After a thorough examination, the medical team determined that the patient had small pieces of silicone-filled breast implants embedded in their chest cavity.

McEvenue, one of the surgeons attending to her care, recalled in astonishment how well she was holding up despite trauma: “She was talking – the trauma team were astonished at her resilience.”

The bullet initially entered through the left breast, but then veered across her sternum into her right ribcage and fractured it. This was verified by our medical expert who explained that after piercing the skin on the left side of her chest, it ricocheted to break a bone in the other area.

He noted that the implant had redirected the bullet’s direction, leaving the woman with a gunshot wound and broken ribs and implants, yet amazingly unharmed.

According to Dr. McEvenue, if the bullet had gone into the chest, it could have caused much more severe or even potentially fatal injuries due to its proximity to vital organs on the left hand side such as the lungs and heart. Fortunately for her however, medics located a hard-like object resembling that of a bullet in her right lower anterior thoracic wall just below her right breast.

The implant had successfully done its job, staying intact and protecting the woman’s vital organs. It is an incredible testament to how advanced medical technology has become.

Dr. McEvenue was truly amazed that the woman was able to survive the incident, attributing her survival to the medical implants used in this case. The doctor concluded that although there is a certain amount of risk associated with implants, their use can ultimately be beneficial and save lives in critical situations such as this one. In this particular case, the implant acted as a shield and absorbed the impact of the bullet, thus preventing major damage to any vital organs.

With the assistance of trauma radiographs, medics detected a bullet in the right lateral thoracic wall, as well as a fractured rib and air bubbles present in the left breast. From their findings, they concluded that the bullet had traveled from left to right along its trajectory.

Subsequently, the trauma team evaluated and released the patient, but unfortunately to this day no one knows who shot them or where the weapon is. To ensure the patient's safety, two titanium mesh implants were placed around their rib cage to provide extra protection and support.

In the report, doctors noted that they treated the wound by extracting the implants, irrigating it and prescribing a brief course of antibiotics. In addition, they recommended that the patient receive a full assessment of their mental health and discussed the potential dangers of further exposure to firearms.

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