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A Collection Of Gold Rings Were Discovered Buried With A Woman Who Lived 6,500 Years Ago In Rome

By: April Carson

An extraordinary number of 6,500-year old gold rings were found in the hair of a woman by archaeologists in Romania.

The haul is believed to be the biggest collection of gold rings ever found in a single grave from the Copper Age.

The discovery sheds new light on the wealth and status of women in this period of history.

A Copper Age burial site in Romania has yielded 169 gold rings, 800 bone beads, and an elaborate spiraled copper bracelet. According to the museum's director, the jewelry was buried with a "extremely wealthy" woman who was laid to rest alongside a burial of another very rich individual.

By examining the size of the skeleton and the lack of weapons found in the burial site, archaeologists were able to determine that the remains belonged to a woman. Additionally, they deduced that she was tall and prosperous based on indications from the skeleton itself and further confirmed this through her well-kept teeth which is indicative of elite status during that time period.

The presence of such a vast and impressive collection of jewelry with this woman's burial suggests that she held a very high social status, possibly indicating that she was part of the ruling class. The discovery of this burial site provides new insights into the social structures and customs of this ancient civilization.

The most recent discovery was made 6,500 years ago during the Copper Age. Călin Ghemiș, an archaeologist who led the project described it as a "phenomenal discovery," and stated that "such a treasure no longer exists in central and eastern Europe."

The team has sent the bones to different labs in Marosvásárhely and Holland for carbon dating and DNA testing in order to learn more about the woman who was buried with the artifacts.

"We want to discover what sort of culture the person represented, as well as if the rings were constructed of gold from the Transylvanian Archipelago," Moisa added.

The researchers dug in the area from March to June 2022. They plan to return next year to excavate more of the site.

In addition to the groundbreaking discovery of a Copper Age burial, other remains incidentally discovered during construction for a new highway in Romania have been identified as from periods including the Neolithic era, Bronze Age, Roman Empire, and Middle Ages—as detailed in a post on the museum's Facebook page.

The new highway will be built around the archeological site.

This is an incredible discovery that provides new insight into the lives of people who lived in this region 6,500 years ago. The rings offer a glimpse into the wealth and status of the woman who was buried with them, and provide clues about the level of sophistication of the society she lived in. Excavations will continue in order to learn more about this fascinating find.

The rings are of great interest to archaeologists as they provide insight into the culture and society of the people who lived in this region 6,500 years ago. The fact that the woman was buried with such a large number of gold rings suggests that she was of high status within her community. The intricate design of the rings suggests that the society she lived in was highly developed.

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