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A 84-year-old woman rejected a $1 million offer - Forced a shopping mall to build around her home

By: April Carson

Edith Macefield valued her property in Seattle, Washington highly. After all, she declined million dollar offers for it back in 2006. Developers wanting to construct a shopping mall in the Ballard area offered Edith a seemingly unassailable amount of money, but she refused the million-dollar offer because she did not want to uproot and relocate her family.

It was not difficult to see why developers would want the property. It measured only 30ft by 90ft (18m x 27m), but its location is very valuable, situated as it is on the intersection of two major roads across Ballard Bridge, with the choice of three car parks attached.

The shopping mall remained standing, but it was built with great care to avoid disturbing Edith's home or tiny yard. In just a few months, Edith's tenacity against corporate domination transformed her house into a symbol of inspiration. So much so that Pixar's film "Up" is based on Macefield House.

Unfortunately, Edith Macefield passed away in 2008 at the age of 87, but she had one more surprise up her sleeve. Barry Martin, a construction boss on an adjacent building site, inherited the home from Edith.

In February 2015, Martin decided to put the open-market value of the house back on the market. He put the asking price at $1.5 million , but real-estate experts think it could be worth as much as $2.4 million .

Martin drove Edith to doctor's visits and cared for her after she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Edith was so grateful for his friendship and kindness that she dedicated her now-famous home in his honor.

Mr. Martin initially stated that he intended to turn the house into a memorial, but he never followed through with those intentions. Mr. Martin sold the home to Reach Returns, now known as Cor Company, a real estate coaching firm.

Following Edith's death, the property was significantly remodeled—its walls restored and windows replaced. In recognition of Edith's bravery and honesty, plans are underway to demolish the house and construct a public square below in her honor.

Reach Returns installed new walls and windows, and collected a lot of investor cash under the promise that they would raise the house 30 feet into the air. The few restorations Reach Returns actually finished abruptly came to a halt, the plan fell apart, and a lot of investors saw their money go up, up, and away.

The home was seized through foreclosure and put up for sale at auction in March 2015. Because the $170,000 asking price paled in comparison to the $300,000 in liens taxes due, the "Up" house never sold. Since then, it has been relisted without a tax lien, and is now available to the highest bidder.

The lovely little home with a preserved yard is virtually hidden between towering business structures. The famed home, which is often bedecked with balloons, will almost certainly never receive another one million dollar offer again, even if this fact would have discouraged the courageous Edith Macefield in 2006.

The more we talk about the inspirational Edith Macefield, the longer it lives, so spread the word, tweet about it, discuss it, and remember this amazing woman and her tiny house that will be featured in a film. Edith's refusal to leave her property while still alive demonstrates that one person can make a significant difference.

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