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A 5000-year-old secret was discovered hidden within an ancient stone monument in Spain

By: April Carson

A newly discovered tomb was found by archaeologists in Spain during their research on La Peña de los Enamorados, which is also referred to as the sleeping giant. The Antequera archaeological site, situated in southern Spain, houses various ancient structures, including the Menga, Viera, and El Romeral megaliths, dating back to the third and fourth millennia BC.

The archaeologists were astounded to find a hidden chamber within the tomb, where they uncovered an ancient secret that has been preserved for over 5000 years. Inside of this chamber, they found mysterious inscriptions and artifacts that had remained untouched since their initial creation.

A study published on April 15 in the journal Antiquity revealed that the Antequera site has both man-made and natural monuments, but is mainly recognized for its prehistoric megaliths. Researchers stated that the natural monuments at the site include La Peña de los Enamorados, a stone formation resembling a "sleeping giant" that stands at a height of approximately 2,900 feet above the ground.

The discovery of the hidden chamber within the tomb has added new insight into the long-lost civilization that constructed these majestic monuments. Researchers believe that this ancient secret may help shed light on the beliefs and rituals of an ancient culture, providing new clues to how people lived thousands of years ago.

In the chest of the Sleeping Giant lay a megalithic grave called Piedras Blancas that dated back 5000 years ago.

According to the study, the rectangular stone structure was constructed over 5,000 years ago. It served three different purposes throughout the ages before being forsaken between 1950 to 1180 B.C.

At the moment, researchers are still unsure of what exactly lies within the chamber and what its exact purpose was. The findings from this study will provide more clues to understanding life during this ancient period in human history.

The excavations at the Antequera site have revealed a wealth of information about an ancient culture, providing new insight into how people lived thousands of years ago. The mysterious secrets that were uncovered from the hidden chamber within La Peña de los Enamorados have created a stir in archaeological circles, with many eager to learn more about this fascinating ancient civilization.

According to the lead author of the new paper, Professor Leonardo García Sanjuán from the University of Seville (Spain), the Piedras Blancas tomb's location was chosen carefully. "What is clear from the funerary monument at Piedras Blanc is that its orientation was very important for those who built it. It was oriented a particular sacred mountain in the southern and faced in the same direction as La Peña de los Enamorados,” he said.

Researchers have discovered carefully arranged stone slabs in the tomb that align with the summer solstice sunrise. They found heavily engraved slabs that seem to have been placed precisely to direct the light of the rising sun towards the back of the chamber during the summer solstice.

Researchers believe that the summer solstice alignment was likely an important ritual in the culture that built the monument, as well as being associated with fertility and rebirth.

The rectangular stone tomb in Antequera dates back to 3,000 BC and is among the oldest megaliths in the area. According to researchers, the tomb was used as a platform to place bodies on and to make ceramic offerings. Later, the decomposing bodies were moved from the platform and scattered in the nearby surroundings. The researchers found "40 teeth and 95 bones" in the area.

The ancient secret that was discovered within the chamber of La Peña de los Enamorados is one of many fascinating archaeological discoveries in recent years. It provides new insights into an ancient culture and has sparked curiosity about what other secrets may lie beneath the surface of this mysterious monument in Spain.

Additionally, the archaeologists discovered a stone in the shape of a triangle with an arrow-like appearance embedded in the floor. It was found pointing towards the direction of the sunrise.

According to the study, around 2500 B.C., renovations were made to the Piedras Blancas tomb, which included the addition of niches for two burials. The researchers concluded that these niches were for high-status individuals, probably a man and a woman. It is uncertain whether the burials took place at the same time or across a period of a hundred years.

The research team concluded that the entrance of the chamber was not easy to find and had been hidden away, indicating that this new-found secret was important enough for it to remain concealed.

Researchers have stated that the tomb went through a significant change. They placed stones at the entrance that seemed to block or seal it. The tomb also contained the bones of at least two children and three women. The study found that the tomb was deserted and has remained untouched since then.

The findings from the study are helping archaeologists to better understand how ancient people lived in the Mediterranean region and their connection with solar events. Remarkably, a secret so well-hidden has been uncovered after thousands of years. It provides a window into an ancient culture and reveals more clues about what life was like in this part of Europe 5000 years ago.

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