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A 25-year-old man from Texas, who disappeared 8 years ago has been located

By: April Carson

A Texas man, who disappeared as a teenager eight years ago, has been located and is currently recuperating in a hospital. The 25-year-old was found on Saturday, bringing an end to his long absence.

Rudolph "Rudy" Farias IV, a student at Pasadena High School in the suburbs of Houston, had been reported missing since March 6, 2015, as per KHOU-TV. According to KTRK-TV, the teenager disappeared while walking his dogs in a neighborhood in north Houston.

The Farias family, in a statement obtained by KHOU-TV, expressed relief as they shared the news that Farias has been found. After eight long years of being missing in Houston, he is now on the path to recovery.

No details were given regarding Farias' recovery or his whereabouts before being found. However, KHOU-TV reported that a tip was received from an anonymous caller on Saturday morning. The family is thankful for the help and support they received to locate their son Rudy.

"We are so thankful for the generous help and support of all our friends, family, and the local Houston community in helping us find Rudy," said Farias' mother.

"Currently, we do not possess any further information regarding Rudy's case. What we do know is that when Rudy was found unresponsive, a kind-hearted individual promptly alerted the authorities and dialed 911. Our son Rudy is currently receiving the necessary care to overcome his trauma. However, it is important to note that he is currently unable to communicate with us, as he is nonverbal."

According to Farias’ mother, her son was discovered unresponsive outside a church by kind-hearted individuals who promptly dialed 911 for assistance. This swift response is likely what saved Farias' life.

His mother described him as being in a "deteriorated state" both mentally and physically. The report from KTRK mentioned that he had multiple cuts and bruises on his body, with blood in his hair. His mother shared with the news station that he was discovered wearing a necklace that belonged to his late brother, a cherished keepsake he had worn since his sibling's passing in 2011.

The details surrounding Farias' disappearance remain obscure, and authorities have not disclosed any information regarding the circumstances of his discovery or the duration of his hospitalization.

The Farias family is asking for privacy while their son recovers and have requested prayers for a swift recovery. The community has come together in celebration with the family, expressing relief that Farias' disappearance has finally been resolved.

Tim Miller, the founder of Texas EquuSearch and a member of the Houston Police Department's missing persons division, has confirmed to KHOU that Farias has been located alive. "I'm very relieved and happy that we have Rudy home," said Miller.

According to KTRK, after Farias disappeared, authorities stated that the teenager had received diagnoses of depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and anxiety. The television station reported that officials believed the teen had not been adhering to his prescribed medication.

He had asthma and carried an inhaler, but it went missing when he disappeared. Later on, the inhaler was found.

In 2015, NBC News reported that Farias had experienced depression following the tragic loss of his older brother in a motorcycle accident, as shared by his family members.

As Farias begins his recovery, the community is continuing to send love and support to him and his family. It has been a long eight years, but thankfully they can now look forward to the future with hope.

"He witnessed the tragic demise of his closest companion, his brother, right before his eyes. The weight of grief he carries surpasses what any person of his tender age should endure," shared Brenda Paradise, a dedicated private investigator employed by the Farias family, with the news outlet.

During the teen's disappearance, investigators reportedly stated that they had no suspicions of foul play, as per KPRC-TV. Authorities also indicated that they had not received any reports of sightings during Farias' extended absence.

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