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9 million people got inaccurate emails claiming they had been approved for student loan forgiveness

By: April Carson

Almost nine million individuals who had applied for federal student debt relief received an email from the Department of Education with a subject line that declared their application was "approved." ABC News obtained a copy of said message. It read, in part:

“Your application for loan forgiveness has been approved! Congratulations on taking this important step to manage your student loans. Your loan balance will be reduced to zero and you won't have any additional payments due for the remainder of your loan term."

Nevertheless, this was deceptive as the Biden administration's student loan program was paused in mid-November due to Republican lawsuits - weeks before emails were sent notifying individuals of their "approved" status. The court has since lifted the suspension, but individuals are required to reapply in order to receive loan forgiveness.

The Department of Education claims that this was merely an administrative error and they have clarified their position with a subsequent email informing individuals that their applications were not approved.

The body of the email detailed that "lawsuits have stalled the Department of Education from initiating its student loan debt relief program." Nevertheless, even though it is on hold until late June when a decision will be released by the Supreme Court, many borrowers were left puzzled by what was conveyed in the subject line.

It is unfortunate that so many borrowers were under the impression that their applications had been approved and are now facing disappointment. The Department of Education should take steps to ensure such miscommunication does not happen in the future.

The Department of Education has acknowledged its mistake this week, informing ABC News that those affected will receive a revised email shortly to fix the erroneous subject line and clarify the status of the program. It's been approximately two weeks since they initially sent out an incorrect message.

In the meantime, borrowers are encouraged to reach out to the Department of Education for further clarification on their application's status. The department is equipped to answer any questions about eligibility and help ensure borrowers understand where they stand in the loan forgiveness process.

According to the Department of Education, a whopping 16 million people were fortunate enough to receive emails with correct subject lines.

A representative from the department stated that Accenture Federal Services, a contractor providing digital services to the federal government, is primarily accountable. The department has further instructed Accenture to “take corrective action and ensure this error is not repeated in the future.”

It is important to note that the inaccurate emails have no bearing on borrower eligibility for loan forgiveness or any other benefits associated with repayment plans.

The Department is devoted to speaking with borrowers in a precise and articulate manner. We are currently working closely alongside Accenture Federal Services as they take the necessary measures to ensure that all affected borrowers have accurate information regarding debt forgiveness. A spokesperson from the Department conveyed this sentiment emphatically.

Despite Accenture Federal Services not responding to ABC News' request for comment, the Education Department has indicated that they will be inspecting quality control measures to ensure future emails pertaining to the program are accurate.

Altogether, the misdirected email has been one of a few bumps in the road for the debt relief proposal which was revealed by the White House late August. The program aims to provide loan forgiveness for up to 9 million Americans who have been burdened with student debt. Under the plan, borrowers will be eligible for full or partial loan cancellation if they have made steady payments over 10 years in an income-driven repayment plan.

By early November, approximately 26 million Americans had requested forgiveness from their student loan debt--nearly half of all those who were eligible. The Biden administration estimates that around 43 million people in total can qualify for this program.

Unfortunately, due to a miscommunication by the Department of Education, many people who had applied for student loan forgiveness were mistakenly told that their applications had been approved.

Although his adversaries still maintain that President Joe Biden has exceeded the limits of his power, he and Education Secretary Miguel Cardona remain confident in the success of their program amidst ongoing legal struggles.

The vast majority of the 9 million people who incorrectly received emails informing them of student loan forgiveness will nonetheless benefit from this program. In addition, many of them have already been granted loan deferment and cancellation by their servicer companies.

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