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8 Daily Affirmations You Should Try

By: April Carson

The power of positive thinking is often overlooked. The act that we tell ourselves every day can have an enormous impact on our lives, both big and small. For example, today I told myself "I am a smart woman who does everything she sets her mind to," which led me to go outside for 30 minutes instead of sitting at my desk all morning like usual! Your thoughts have a profound effect on the world as a whole, which is why you should always focus on those positive thoughts.

What are Affirmations?

We should adopt positive affirmations into our lives. But what are these? What do they look like? How can you make them work for you most effectively?

An affirmation is a short, powerful statement. They allow you to consciously be in control of your thoughts and shape the reality that surrounds you. The best affirmations are carefully constructed with their most impactful meaning at their very core so when used they become not only words but also living mantras for every day life!

Affirmations can help us take charge of our own lives by controlling what we think about which shapes who we will become as people or how successful we will achieve goals such as health related ones like weight loss or making positive changes towards quitting smoking. Affirming ourselves gives us the power to make these types of decisions because it’s all within our means if one has faith in oneself; this self-belief then becomes the strongest force to accomplish the things that we may have only ever dreamed of before.

I've prepared a guide for making the most of your thought process -- both in the morning and at any time throughout the day! Using these tools to your advantage is a fantastic way of changing your life for the better.

It's not that hard to change your mindset. You'll need some time, effort, and patience, but it all comes together in the end! Keep reading this article; it may help you make positive changes in your life.

Here are 8 affirmations you should try out:

1) You will find your way in life if you keep moving forward even when the path becomes unclear. Letting our positive nature take over will have a significant impact on what we accomplish. (This one helped with some major decision making recently!)

2) Every step takes us closer than where we started from; so don't be afraid about what's coming next because it'll only bring something better.

3) You are a beautiful soul, and you deserve love from others and yourself. (This one is especially effective when you say it with emotion.)

4) The best is yet to come! (This affirmation is especially wonderful to say when you wake up in the morning!)

5) You can be anything you want. (When I was a child my mother constantly told me this, and it has proven to be very true!)

6) I will be the best me today. This is especially helpful around other people--keep your head high and be proud, but not arrogant.

7) Life will get easier with practice. This is an excellent affirmation to say on days when things seem rough and hard!

8) Your are what you think! (This is true no matter how difficult that may be for some people!)

And lastly, I think it's important to be aware of your thoughts during the day. Positive or negative, they are what create your reality. Everything that you experience is based on your perception of it! This realization has changed my life and how I perceive the world! I hope you find these positive affirmations helpful, and don't forget to share them with someone who may need a dose of positivity in their life.

To Learn more about Positive Affirmations, check out Billy's episode on, "The Origins of Positive Affirmations."

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