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5 Relationship Habits You Didn’t Know Were Normal

By: April Carson

The word "normal" has a lot of different meanings depending on what situation you're in. In The Girlfriend Effect, author Claudia Kalb explains that being normal is defined as doing anything other than the things which would cause illness or prevent arrest. This means it's totally okay to be angry sometimes and not have any thoughts about burning your neighbor's house down (even though they may come up). It also includes having problems with relationships and how people react when their partners don't like them anymore-all issues where there isn't an easy answer one way or another.

We all want to feel accepted by our significant others but this doesn’t happen often enough because we live in such judgmental times right now; only 5% of people in this country state that they feel normal when it comes to relationships. The people who do normal things make up about 80% of the population and most normal relationship habits are based on what you grew up with and your childhood experiences. We all like normal, comfortable ways to live and we want to be able to get along with our partners without any issues.

Most normal relationships are usually very healthy and normal habits are a part of life, there is nothing wrong with normal things as long as they work for you. Normal relationship habits include; normal marriage, normal divorce, normal relationship issues, quarrels here and there but normal partners don’t go to extremes or live in constant drama.

No normal relationships are perfect and normal partners do argue, sometimes normal people even break up with their partners when the relationship isn’t quite right for them anymore. Your relationship may be normal but you can make your normal relationship into something special if you work at it.

Here are a 5 normal relationship habits:

1. Fight/Argue: normal partners have fights where hurtful things are said, feelings are felt and anger is expressed by not doing the dishes or leaving normal rants in text messages like “I’m done! I cannot stand this relationship any longer”. This is completely normal.

2. Feeling anxious about moving too quickly: normal people feel anxiety when their relationship becomes serious. The feelings of anxiousness come from normal insecurities about things like commitment or lifelong partnership. And again, this is normal.

3. Feeling annoyed with your partner: You are different people with different likes and interests. You will get annoyed. Do not worry about that because it gives you a chance to talk about what is bothering you. It can bring you closer and help you learn more about each other.

4. Needing space: As we grow older, we get to know ourselves better. This helps us know what things are important to us and what things we will accept. It is also important for a healthy relationship because people need time for themselves without having to take care of someone else.

5. Things are not even: A 50/50 relationship means that each individual is participating and giving the same amount of their selves for fairness. There will be times where circumstances or wellbeing require one individual to participate more than another - as long as both individuals have an understanding, this is okay.

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