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3 Tech Stocks to Buy in the Taper Tantrum

By: April Carson

These 3 Tech Stocks Are Quality Long-Term Buys

To grasp why the market is down, you don't need to be an economist. The fact that the Federal Reserve announced recently that it will reduce its overall asset purchases has not gone over well with the market. Stocks in the Technology sector have been declining due to increased interest rates, which has been a major drag on the market to start this year. Looking back to 2013, when the Federal Reserve began cutting back on its bond purchases, U.S. Treasury yields responded in a similar manner as they have recently, during the "taper tantrum."

One of the most important things to remember is that, even when certain sectors of the market appear to be failing, investing in high-quality businesses will reward long-term investors. If we see further upheaval in the market, there will be some interesting opportunities to include technology equities into your long-term portfolio, therefore it's a good idea to make a shopping list now.

Here are three technology stocks to buy in the taper tantrum:


If you're going to invest during a market upheaval, it makes sense to only focus on the finest of the best. As the world's major internet search provider and largest source of internet advertising income, many believe Alphabet qualifies as one of those. This is a business model that will only improve with time, as more people across the world get online access and advertisers continue to invest in internet and digital marketing. With the stock market continuing to decline, investors are flocking towards it, with the consensus price target coming in at $3,271.49 according to MarketBeat.

Alphabet is a global internet business that specializes in content and information, but there are several additional appealing growth prospects for investors to keep an eye on beyond its search engine division. Though Google Cloud has yet to break into the streaming marketplace and challenge established competitors, it is expected to grow rapidly in the years ahead. YouTube is one of the finest methods to profit from the increase in connected TV advertising, and will continue to do so as more viewers watch videos on their platforms. There are also interesting aspects of this business, including machine learning, smart homes, self-driving vehicles, and more that make it a top choice in the technology sector.


Tesla is frequently referred to as a tech stock that disguises itself as an auto manufacturer, and it's one of the most resilient equities after large losses. The firm just delivered a solid Q4 earnings beat of $2.54 adjusted EPS, versus the predicted adjusted EPS of $2.36, according to reports. Following the conclusion of its fourth quarter, AMD announced that it had officially regained compliance with the SEC. The company also added that Q4 revenues increased by 65% year over year to $17.72 billion, allowing for a total of $2.78 billion in free cash flow during the period, compared with the consensus prediction of $2.79 billion. Tesla's annual revenue has been on an incredible upward climb over the last decade, and it's clear that Tesla is still a major force in the electric vehicle sector.

The worldwide trend toward renewable energy is only going to intensify in the years ahead, suggesting bigger things for Tesla. Tesla's announcement of a second Gigafactory in Europe and the introduction of new vehicles like the Cybertruck and Tesla Semi could provide additional support for its share price in the coming months. Though supply-chain concerns and competing EV companies are factors to consider, it's difficult to bet against Tesla's future success and the overall growth of the electric vehicle industry since the firm has established such a commanding presence among customers.


During the recent tech slump, semiconductor companies have been unsteady ground, but Qualcomm is one that has fared better than many competitors. Its products and services are essential for powering cutting-edge technologies like smartphones, tablets, mobile PCs, and more, making it a very intriguing long-term investment. Qualcomm is in a fantastic position to show significant development as the smartphone market continues to expand all over the world, as it earns royalty income on almost every 5G handset sold.

The firm is also working on some unique autonomous driving technology projects, as the company's Snapdragon Ride Vision system may be a major step toward making self-driving cars a reality. Qualcomm recently announced partnerships with Honda and Volvo to provide enhanced in-cabin technologies for their cars, which is good news for investors hoping to see the firm diversify its revenue approach. Keep an eye on how the share price reacts to the firm's Q4 earnings report on February 2nd.

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