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3,300-Year-Old Tablet Reveals Mysterious Hittite Invasion and Royal Ritual

By: April Carson

In a groundbreaking discovery, an archaeologist at the Japanese Institute of Anatolian Archaeology, Kimiyoshi Matsumura, uncovered a palm-sized clay tablet dating back 3,300 years. Found amidst the ancient Hittite ruins at Büklükale in central Turkey, the tablet sheds light on a catastrophic foreign invasion during a Hittite civil war. This revelation, coupled with the tablet's near-perfect condition, has opened a window into the mysterious Hittite Empire. This Bronze Age state played a significant role in the ancient world.

Büklükale: A Royal Residence and Center of Hittite Power:

Büklükale, believed to be a major Hittite city, has now revealed itself as more than just an archaeological site. The newfound tablet suggests that it served as a royal residence, potentially rivaling the importance of the Hittite capital, Hattuša. The archaeological significance of Büklükale is expanding, providing a deeper understanding of the Hittite civilization and its power dynamics.

The Tablet's Revelation:

The tablet's cuneiform text, translated by Mark Weeden from University College London, discloses the grim reality of four cities, including the capital Hattusa, facing disaster during the Hittite civil war. The subsequent 64 lines are a Hurrian-language prayer, offering insights into the religious practices of the Hittite Empire. The prayer appears to be a record of a sacred ritual performed by none other than the Hittite king himself.

Hurrian Language and Sacred Rituals:

Hurrian, the language used for religious ceremonies by the Hittites, remains poorly understood. Matsumura and his colleagues have spent months deciphering the inscription, revealing a prayer directed towards Teššob (Teshub), the Hurrian storm god who held a significant position in both Hittite and Hurrian pantheons. The prayer praises Teššob and his divine ancestors, touching upon communication issues between gods and humans.

Insights into Hittite History:

The Hittite civilization, believed to have originated around 2100 B.C. in central Anatolia (modern-day Turkey), became a major regional power by 1450 B.C. The Hittites left their mark in history through encounters with the Hebrew Bible and ancient Egyptian records, notably the Battle of Kadesh in 1274 B.C.

Büklükale Excavations and the Significance of the Find:

Matsumura and his team have been excavating Büklükale for 15 years, with this discovery standing out among previously found broken clay tablets. The tablet's exceptional condition and its content provide a rare glimpse into the religious practices of the Hittite king and the tumultuous period of civil war.

The 3,300-year-old Büklükale tablet is a remarkable historical artifact, unlocking secrets of a catastrophic invasion during a Hittite civil war. The intricate details of the tablet, from the disaster-stricken cities to the sacred ritual led by the Hittite king, contribute to our understanding of the enigmatic Hittite Empire and its complex history. As researchers continue to decipher the intricacies of the tablet, it promises to unveil more mysteries from this ancient civilization, leaving us with a richer tapestry of the past.

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