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20 tombs dating back 2500 years found at Egypt archaeological site

By: April Carson

On Monday, Egypt's Tourism Ministry announced the astounding discovery of 20 ancient tombs that date back as far 660 BC in New Damietta located on the Nile delta. This discovery has shed new light on the ancient civilizations that once built and inhabited this area of the Nile Delta.

At the Tell El Deir archaeological site, an array of tombs constructed from simple pits and mud bricks were discovered. This sprawling necropolis has been utilized to inter deceased individuals throughout a variety of historical epochs; ranging from the 26th Dynasty all the way through Greek, Roman and Byzantine periods.

The tombs are said to have been well-preserved, with some of the burials containing items such as pottery and funerary figurines.

Secretary-General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, Mostafa Waziri, emphasized that these recent findings are an immense scientific and archaeological accomplishment for the history of this region.

Amidst the ruins, golden chips bearing likenesses of Isis, Heqat, Bastet and other Egyptian deities such as the Eye of Horus or a falcon-shaped Horus were discovered.

These artifacts have the potential to provide invaluable insight into the beliefs of ancient Egyptians, as well as their interactions with other cultures throughout time.

Funeral amulets, such as the iconic Scarab beetle, two feathers of Amun and a selection of gods were also discovered in these tombs. Additionally, small representations of containers for organs - Canopic vessels - were observed too along with statues honoring the Four Sons of Horus!

Ayman Ashmawy, the head of Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities' antiquities sector, suggests that these tombs likely originated in the 26th Dynasty since their design and artifacts contained within are commonly associated with this period.

This discovery of these ancient tombs continues to shed light on the culture, customs and beliefs of the Ancient Egypians and is an incredibly important piece in the puzzle of understanding this time period. With further excavation and research, it may give us even greater insights into the past.

It is not yet known who were buried in these tombs or what was their significance, but further studies will hopefully bring clarity to these questions in due course.

Despite having already unearthed much at the necropolis, Reda Salih, director of Damietta Antiquities District has revealed that a dedicated archaeological mission is still working intently to reveal further discoveries as layers upon layers of sand remain unexplored.

This incredible discovery of 20 tombs dating back 2500 years is an invaluable asset to archaeologists and historians alike in understanding ancient Egyptian culture and civilisation.

Prior revelations unveiled at Tell El Deir

In the past, at Tell El Deir dig-site, archaeologists uncovered tombs belonging to various civilizations that occupied Egypt in ancient times - Greeks and Romans amongst them. However, what makes these 20 tombs so unique is their antiquity and the fact that they remain untouched by modern interventions.

Last year, archaeologists made an incredible discovery at their excavation site - gold coins from the Byzantine era and funerary figurines imprinted with Psamtik II's royal seal. This remarkable find provides vital evidence for historians about this pharaoh of the 26th Dynasty.

But now, the archaeologists have unearthed an even more remarkable discovery - an entire necropolis dating back 2500 years. 20 tombs with ancient treasures inside were found at the site, and the significance of this find cannot be understated.

This collection of figurines included several sacred symbols, such as the scarab amulet, Horus' eye and the Tyet knot. Additionally, deities like Isis, Nephthys, Taweret and Horus were also represented in these statues.

The incredibly intact state of the more than two millenia-old tombs, along with their valuable contents, is a priceless window into ancient Egyptian culture and history. By giving us insight into their beliefs and practices, this archaeological find provides invaluable information for understanding our past.

In the past, archaeologists have unearth limestone coffins with eerily lifelike carvings of their occupants' faces at the archaeological site. However, the most remarkable artifacts discovered in these tombs have been talismans such as scarab amulets, Horus' eye and Tyet knots. Representations of deities like Isis, Nephthys, Taweret and Horus were also found in the statues.

After an exciting breakthrough in early March, archaeologists uncovered a potential pathway to Queen Cleopatra's tomb at the Taposiris Magna Temple near Alexandria. This discovery has captivated Egyptologists around the world and invigorated their hopes of uncovering new secrets from this ancient dynasty. As the excavations continue, it is likely that even more remarkable artifacts and findings will be unearthed from this site.

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