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10 Predictions of the Future by Nikola Tesla That Turned Out True

By: April Carson

In a 1926 interview with Collier's magazine, inventor Nikola Tesla shocked the world by predicting the future and the 21st century. In it, renowned scientists made some incredible claims (for his era) about the future and the 21st century in particular.

He made a lot of predictions over the years, several of which came to pass. Women will play a more prominent role in society in the future, according on him. Thanks to small handheld devices, humanity will be able to communicate with one another. Unmanned control will be available in the planes for so much more than that.

10 Incredible Predictions by Nikola Tesla That Turned Out True

1. Wireless connection

Without John Morgan, the industrialist, extending Tesla's inventions with his money, Serbian scientist Vuk Stefanovic may have gone even farther and developed the Internet - at least he claimed that Wardencliff Tower could broadcast voice, text, and images wirelessly across the planet.

He said that photographs have already been transmitted wirelessly over short distances, but in the future, wireless transmission will allow for unlimited distance.

2. Drones/Remote Controlled Tech

In a demonstration experiment in 1898, Tesla displayed a ship without oars that glided on the water alone. Such a sight greeted those who witnessed Tesla's demonstration experiment.

The engineer on the beach, using his remote control, batteries, and switches, was able to turn the boat's steering wheel, start the engine, and light the onboard side lights. At the time, it seemed incredible.

Tesla, in fact, presented the world's first truly working prototype of a robot 22 years before Karel Čapek coined the term "robot" and has since established itself as a powerful force.

3. Automated Workforce

The 1990s are the first decade in which many of us have seen automated workers doing tasks that were formerly done only by humans. Technology advanced to the point where typical human activities were carried out by an automated staff throughout the 1930s. Nikola Tesla predicted in 1935 that robots and machines would entirely replace human labor.

While this has not taken place yet, it is clear that machines are already taking the place of human hands in numerous industries, and experts frequently remark on how significant this issue will be when many individuals will lose their jobs as a result of technology.

4. Cheap Renewable Energy

Nikola Tesla thought that the earth is full of an infinite amount of energy, which, with the right level of technological equipment, may be utilized for free, wherever and whenever.

Tesla was a pioneer in the field of energy innovation. He also thought that we could produce cheap, renewable power with water, which would eventually replace traditional costly resources. He even wanted to provide people with free energy, which his investors rejected.

5. Mobile Phones/Smartphones

The world will be full of tiny wireless devices that will integrate various technologies and wireless connections, according to Nikola Tesla. While he didn't use the words mobile phone or smartphone, his description from 1926 is eerily similar.

He described a gadget that would let us appear and speak to each other as though we were face-to-face, and it would be small enough to put in our pocket.

6. Self-driving cars

In 1898, Nikola Tesla suggested the development of an automobile carriage that would be capable of accomplishing a variety of tasks automatically. It took another 100 years for it to become a reality, but Tesla (the company) has demonstrated that this is the technology of the future.

7. Rise of environmental protection

Tesla's most prominent predictions include the growth of environmental protection, which is to say global efforts will increase. He predicted that this would occur by 2035, but it happened considerably sooner: The American Environmental Protection Agency was established 35 years later, in 1970.

8. Female Empowerment

Women, according to Elon Musk, will have a significant role in the future. He declared that females would receive similar education to males and begin assuming political roles in society.

9. Science will become more important to society

In his day, politics and conflict ruled the world. One of Nikola Tesla's predictions was that in the future, newspapers would concentrate more on science rather than politics, and people will be far more interested in scientific discoveries than warfare. People are increasingly interested in science, according to a collection of polls.

10. Wireless News

printed newspapers will be supplanted by wireless news, according to Tesla. He predicted that everything would be available to customers at home every day.

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