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10-Minute Air Taxi Flights From Newark to NYC Are Coming Soon

By: April Carson

United Airlines and Archer have teamed up to make commuting to and from the airport easier for travelers.

Based in California, Archer will introduce 100 five-person air taxis to the United fleet. These mini planes will only be used as shuttles, going back and forth between Newark Liberty International Airport and the Downtown Manhattan Heliport on Pier 6.

The 10-minute flights will run every five to six minutes during peak hours between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. With the new service, United Airlines passengers will be able to check in for their flights at the heliport, cutting down on time spent at the airport.

United and Archer's partnership is a milestone, as it is the first time an airport has been paired with a city center in specific route. However, this will not be the only event of its kind. To bring its air shuttle service to fruition within years, United have already contracted Eve Air Mobility for 200 eVTOLs. The new service is set to replace the existing Air Train shuttle that currently runs between Newark's airport and Manhattan.

The eVTOL, or electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft, is a new type of vehicle that is taking the aviation world by storm. Not only do they have the potential to revolutionize air travel, but they are also much quieter and more environmentally-friendly than traditional helicopters.

Passengers of NYC and Newark will be pleased to know that electric air taxis are on their way, according to president of United Airlines Ventures, Michael Leskinen. He further explained that this change will greatly improve Commutes for future customers by making them faster and safer.

"We're going to see a future where people living in Manhattan can get to Newark in 10 minutes," said Leskinen. "It's going to be a game-changer for business travel and for the environment."

This news comes as a relief to many who have been stuck in traffic, or dealing with the hassles and delays of traditional air travel. Electric air taxis not only have the potential to reduce travel time, but they are also much more environmentally friendly than traditional aircraft.

More and more major airlines are taking notice of air taxis as a way to prevent their passengers from experiencing flight delays or getting stuck in traffic. In fact, Delta Airlines has invested $60 million in Joby, a California-based eVTOL company, with the goal of providing New Yorkers and Angelenos with quick and reliable air-taxi services between these two cities.

While the technology for electric air taxis is still in its early stages, there are already a number of companies working on developing it. In addition to Joby, companies like Airbus, BMW, Rolls-Royce, and Safran are all working on eVTOL prototypes. And it's not just major corporations who are interested in this new form of transportation - a number of startups are also working on developing their own air-taxi prototypes.

United partnered with Archer in 2025, and together they hope to expand their services to markets outside of just New York and Newark. They are also working on expanding their fleet to include more electric air taxis.

So far, the response to United's electric air taxi service has been positive. Customers appreciate the convenience and speed of the service, and they are excited about the possibility of using it to travel to other cities in the future.

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