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Sat, Aug 10


Union Square Stadium 17

"Anunnaki : Ancient Secrets Revealed" Premiere by Billy Carson

Dive deep into the enigmatic realm of ancient Sumer as "Anunnaki : Ancient Secrets Revealed" with Billy Carson

"Anunnaki : Ancient Secrets Revealed" Premiere by Billy Carson
"Anunnaki : Ancient Secrets Revealed" Premiere by Billy Carson

Time & Location

Aug 10, 2024, 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Union Square Stadium 17, 850 Broadway New York, NY 10003


About the event

About this event

VIP Red Carpet /Meet and Greet is from 5pm to 6:00pm est ***FOR VIP TICKET HOLDERS ONLY***

Billy Carson: 6:00pm to 7pm est

Premiere of Episode 1 Anunnaki History: 7pm to 7:45pm est

Q&A from 7:45pm to 8:30pm est

Dive deep into the enigmatic realm of ancient Sumer as "Anunnaki: Ancient Secrets Revealed" unveils one of history's most tantalizing mysteries. Hosted by Billy Carson of 4biddenknowledge, this riveting series explores the controversial theory of the Anunnaki – the purported extraterrestrial beings believed by some to have influenced, or even created, human civilization as we know it.

Each episode embarks on a journey through ancient Mesopotamian texts, archaeological discoveries, and cutting-edge scientific research. With Billy's insightful narration and interviews with leading historians, archaeologists, and ufologists, viewers will be challenged to re-examine ancient legends and modern interpretations about these ancient gods and their possible otherworldly origins.

From the intricately detailed accounts of the Sumerian kings to the grandeur of the ziggurats, Billy Carson dissects age-old tablets, inscriptions, and myths, delving into their potential implications for human history and our understanding of the cosmos.

The series will:

Decipher the Sumerian cuneiform texts and the tales of the Anunnaki, like Enki, Enlil, and Ninhursag.

Investigate archaeological sites, looking for evidence of advanced technologies or signs of extraterrestrial visitations.

Discuss the connection between the Anunnaki and global myths of gods descending from the skies.

Explore modern-day sightings and theories of extraterrestrial beings, examining their potential links to the legends of the Anunnaki.

Analyze the cultural and historical impact of the Anunnaki narrative on today's society and our continuous quest for knowledge.

Journey with Billy Carson as he navigates the thin line between ancient myths and modern science, challenging us to question our origins, our myths, and the very nature of human existence. Whether you're a fervent believer in the Anunnaki theory or a curious skeptic, "The Anunnaki Chronicles: Secrets of the Gods" promises a thrilling expedition through time, space, and the uncharted territories of our past.



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