The 4BIDDEN Tour Of Egypt

October 5th, 2022 - October 12th, 2022
October 5th, 2023 - October 12th, 2023
“By living a life based on wisdom and truth, one can discover the divinity of the soul, its union to the universe, the supreme peace and contentment which comes from satisfying the inner drive for self discovery.” ~ Muata Ashby

DAY 1: Arrival Oct 5th

  • Arrival at Cairo Airport – Meet & Assist/Transfer to Hotel Marriot Mena house.


DAY 2: Giza Oct 6th 5am

  • Later, when the Giza Plateau closes to other tourists, you are granted special permission to visit the site privately.  This crowd-free experience is typically offered only to royals, heads of state and other honored guests.

  • First, you have VIP access to the Great Sphinx enclosure. While other tourists see the Sphinx onlyFrom a distant observation terrace, you – in the company of your Egyptology Expert and the setting sun, stand right in front of the world’s largest sculpture.

  • Next, you enjoy private entry to the Great Pyramid of Khufu, the only one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World still standing today.  During the entire visit, you are accompanied by an Egyptology Expert who leads you through the Great Pyramid’s interior and vividly describes its history.

  • Breakfast at the hotel

  • Then we drive to visit the ancient necropolis of Saqqara, to admire the Step Pyramid of Djoser, the oldest pyramid in Egypt, built 4,700 years ago by the legendary architect Imhotep. You also visit the elaborately decorated Tomb of Mereruka and the Pyramid of Teti, which boasts one of the oldest pyramid texts ever discovered. Wrap up your sightseeing in Saqqara with a visit to The Imhotep Museum.


  • Then you head to Dahshur, home to the Bent and Red Pyramids, built for Pharaoh Snefru. These pyramids are among the Oldest, largest and best preserved in Egypt.

DAY 3: Cairo/Aswan ( Fridays ) Oct 7th

  • Check out early morning fly to Aswan.  You arrive in Aswan, where you check in to your home for the next four days, a 5-star deluxe cruise ship. After lunch, you stop to see the imposing 2 mile long Aswan High Dam. Its construction began in 1960, lasted 8 years and cost $1 billion. The dam ended the cycle of flood and drought in the Nile River region. Then you pay a visit to the Unfinished Obelisk, the largest-known ancient obelisk, lying on its side in a stone quarry. It measures around 140 feet tall and weighs nearly 1,200 tons. Next, you take a motorboat ride to the Temple of Philae, beautifully located on an island. The temple was built in 208 BC and dedicated to the goddess Isis.

  • Afternoon tea: Captain’s welcome cocktail, dinner on board, overnight in Aswan.

DAY 4: Edfu & Kom Ombo Oct 8th

  • Breakfast on board.

  • Sail to Kom Ombo. Visit the Greco-Roman Temple of Kom Ombo. It was built between 205 and 180 BC as a place of worship for two gods: Horus and Sobek, the crocodile god. The day ends with a visit to the Crocodile Museum, which houses a collection of mummified crocodiles and ancient carvings.


  • Sail to Edfu.

  • In the afternoon you visit to the marvelous Temple of Edfu. It is among the best-preserved ancient temples in Egypt, built between 237 and 57 BC, and dedicated to the falcon god Horus. On the way along the Nile to the next site, you can enjoy a drink on the ship’s beautiful sundeck while admiring the local wildlife, flourishing green fields, picturesque villages, palm trees and desert in the distance. Have a swim in the pool or use the ship’s spa, jacuzzi or gym facilities. With all these possibilities for relaxation, do not miss an engaging Q&A session with your Egyptology Expert who answers your questions about history and daily life in both ancient and modern Egypt.

  • Dinner on board.

  • Sail to Esna: Overnight in Esna

DAY 5: Luxor West Bank Oct 9th


  • Early morning sail to Luxor.

  • Breakfast on board

  • Start the day by exploring Luxor, the ancient city of Thebes and one of the capitals of ancient Egypt. After breakfast, a short motorboat ride across the Nile takes you to the Valley of the Kings. It was a royal cemetery for over 500 years, and 62 pharaohs and other nobles were buried there. In the Valley, you see some of the best-known tombs, including King Tutankhamun’s, which was famously found intact in 1922 by British archaeologist Howard Carter. Next, you discover the Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut, one of the most characteristic temples in Luxor. It was built for the most successful female pharaoh to rule over Egypt. On the way back to the cruise ship you stop to admire the Colossi of Memnon, two massive stone statues of Pharaoh Amenhotep lll.

  • Lunch on board.

  • Then we pay a visit to Karnak, the largest temple complex in the world. Walk through the avenue of Sphinxes, gaze up at the towering 97-foot-tall obelisk and wander among the massive pillars of the Great Hypostyle Hall. Then, it’s on to the magnificent Luxor Temple. It was built over hundreds of years by the New Kingdom Pharaohs including Tutankhamun and Ramses II. To this day the temple is one of the greatest reflections of the pharaohs’ power and supremacy.

  • Afternoon Tea Dinner on board.

  • Overnight in Luxor.

DAY 6: Luxor Oct 10th


  • Breakfast on board, 8:00 a.m. Disembarkation.

  • Drive to visit Dendera, a temple complex with many chapels and shrines. Its main temple – one of the best-preserved temples in Egypt – is dedicated to the goddess Hathor. It sets itself apart from other temples by its colossal columns and spectacular ceilings covered with vibrant and colorful paintings ,drive back to stay the night in a hotel in Luxor.

Day 7: Cairo Oct 11th


  • Fly back to Cairo to visit the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization. Just opened in 2017, the museum tells the story of Egypt’s rich history and contribution to world cultures – from ancient times through the Greco-Roman, Coptic, and Islamic periods – with fascinating exhibitions and artifacts, including royal mummies of the greatest pharaohs.& cavern church where Jesus and Virgin Mary used to live lunch I’m a local restaurant, transfer to hotel Cairo Marriott for one night.


DAY 7: Departure Oct 12th


  • Check out from the hotel, transfer to Cairo airport for the final departure plus airport assistance. Checking out Transfer to airport & airport assistance: Includes: 

    • Meet and greet service by our representatives upon your airport arrival and departure.

    • 7-day tours - Expert egyptologist

    • Transfer vehicles with air conditioning

    • Mineral water and light snacks

    • Lunch everyday

    • Entrance fees to all the mentioned sites in our itinerary

    • All service charges & taxes.


  • Excludes:

    • Entry visa into Egypt – We can assist you with obtaining your visa upon arrival.

    • Any extras not mentioned in our itinerary

    • Any Tips given throughout the tour

    • Separate airport assistance and transfer $50 USD/person/transfer