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The Secret To Longevity

This Simple 5 Minute Routine Could Add Years To Your Life

An introduction to the lymphatic system

Image Source: IndianMedguru

Perry Nickleston, aka the Lymph Doctor, from joined 4BiddenKnowledge on Instagram live recently to talk about the significance of the lymph nodes. The Lymphatic system is probably one of the most overlooked and vital parts of our body, helping to move toxins through and out of our system, promoting good health and longevity.

What the lymphatic system does:

· Protects you against bacteria, viruses, and parasites

· Absorbs fat from the digestive tract

· Maintains healthy fluid levels in the body

· Removes waste and abnormal cells

What exactly are lymph nodes?

The Lymphatic system is a network of tissues, vessels and organs that work in conjunction to move fluid through your body. Approximately 20 litres of plasma fluid are moved through your body every day, delivering nutrients to the body’s cells and tissues. Some 17 litres of waste fluid are returned from these cells and tissues through the veins. The remaining 3 litres which seep into the body are collected by the lymphatic system. The Lymph nodes filter the substances that travel through the lymphatic system and contain white blood cells which help the body fight disease and infection.

Perry showed us how a simple, 5-minute trick to drain your lymph nodes can leave you feeling revitalised, aid in injury recovery and prevent chronic pain and illnesses.

1. Start with massaging above and below the collarbone, 1 side at a time, applying moderate pressure. Take note if the area just above your collarbone is puffy, as this is an indication of fluid build-up. After massaging, use your hand to pat the area 10x with moderate force.

2. Continue the massage process behind the ears/start of the jawline (C1 bone to be specific) switching between clockwise and counter clockwise motions for around 20-30 seconds and tap (applying moderate pressure) using the tips of two fingers.

3. Using the whole hand, continue the massage process in the armpit/shoulder crease and pat 10x (on both sides).

4. Massage the stomach with both hands (with one hand placed above and one placed below the belly button) using clockwise and counter clockwise rotations. Again, pat 10x applying moderate pressure.

5. Continue the massaging process in the groin (between the abdomen and the thigh) and pat 10x.

6. Complete the massaging process behind the knees, using a fist to pat 10x.

These steps are best performed standing. After completing the process, jump up and down to encourage the released fluids to drain and pass naturally through your system. After completing the 6 steps, it is important to spend some time deep breathing through the nose for a few minutes. Consciously breathing deeply into your stomach, allowing your diaphragm to fully expand and retract with each inhale and exhale will promote healthy blood flow. Deep belly breathing also decreases stress levels, lowers the heart rate and increases abdomen pressure, helping to take pressure off the lungs.

The best way to ensure you maintain a healthy lymphatic system is through regular, and most importantly varied movement. If you’re exercising regularly but always doing the same routines or movement, the lack of variety may mean you’re not getting as many health benefits from your workout as you could be. Variety in movement, drinking plenty of water, and adding this 5-minute routine to your day will not only promote a healthy lymphatic system, but increase your energy levels.

After experimenting with this simple trick and discovering the health benefits of taking care of your lymphatic system, consider seeking out a professional lymphatic massage in your local area for additional health benefits. If you’d like to learn more about how to take care of this this incredible system, visit Perry’s website. And be sure to keep an eye out for 4Biddenknowledge’s Instagram live so you don’t miss any new, valuable content.

Post written by Daniella Brookes -

Instagram: @daniellajadeb

Twitter: @BrookesDaniella

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