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Universal Mind: Billy Carson Shares How “We Are All One Consciousness”

“All that exists is the Universal Mind and nothing more than that one mind,” a broad comment made by Billy Carson, who shares his credible insights on the theory of universal mind or common consciousness. The theory continues to draw the interest of scientists and philosophers across the globe. It is a much-researched subject with varying facts and possibilities towards the idea of the universal mind. Have you ever heard the term “Universal Mind”? It refers to a single, unified consciousness from which all consciousness, including your own, arises.

The idea of ​​a Universal Mind describes a field of energy or life force that permeates all of creation. Philosophers who supported the concept of a universal mind, including the pre-Socratic Greek thinker Anaxagoras and the German philosopher Hegel, wrote that the Universal Mind contained all reality and thought that all knowledge that ever existed or will exist lies within of Universal Mind.

You must understand that you are a spirit, which has been cast into a mold of a human being as the manifestation of divine intelligence. Being a pure spirit, you are part of the universal mind, and that intelligence and all the power and understanding of this intelligence is within your reach.

“There is only one intelligence, one mind in all creation, and we are all part of it. Things like thought transfer, hypnosis, and clairvoyance are just a few examples of the fact that we are all using the same mind. The same author has written all the books, the same engineer has built all the buildings and bridges, the same artist has painted all the paintings, the same musician has composed all the music. You, your neighbor, all of us, we are all one,” details Carson, who is professionally attributed as a visionary, author, teacher, philanthropist, and inventor. He also holds a Certificate In Applied Neuroscience M.I.T. and Certificate In Ancient Civilization Harvard University.

The universal mind that flows through all human beings does not know what limitation or lack is, and nothing is impossible for it. Its dominant characteristic is creativity. Since this mind is all knowledge and all power, the only thing this mind does is create. And believe exactly what each individual’s mind thinks.

It is not a question of whether you use it or not. Every day of your life, you are using it, since it is impossible not to use it since this mind is part of you, and in reality, it is part of your true being.

The universal mind knows no difference between big or small, rich or poor, big or insignificant. This mind provides according to a need and creates according to a desire. It is creating in your life exactly what you are thinking about.

Imagine this mind as a plastic container that contains all energy, all knowledge, and all substance. Imagine this mind as a medium that responds only to thought and responds according to the thought’s intensity or firmness.

This boils down to the following formula: thought + conviction = manifestation.

Experiences are manifested in your life, depending on how convinced you are of them.

Still, let’s say that although the conscious mind wants success, if the subconscious mind believes that success is impossible, then emotional thinking is directed to failure. The result is going to be a failure.

Learn to change your subconscious mind to be able to manifest what your conscious mind wants to manifest.

In this regard, Carson shares: “Quantum mechanics confirms this: The Universe arises from thought, and all this matter that surrounds us has been created as a result of a thought. We can know everything from within our consciousness, which is ultimately the Universal consciousness that governs the Universe.

“We are the creators of the Universe. There is no limit to human potential. There is only the degree to which we recognize that deep dynamic and exercise it, the degree to which we can wield our power.

“It exists in all things. All the knowledge, discoveries, and inventions of the future are already in the Universal Mind in the form of possibilities, waiting for the human mind to tune into them.

“Every creation and invention in the history of mankind has emerged from the Universal Mind, whether the person consciously knew it or not.

“Your consciousness contains everything. The only thing that happens is that we don’t see it. We are all connected and are part of a Unique Energy Field, the Overmind, the Unique Consciousness, or the Creative Source.”



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